What I wore: Joules Sheep Charm Necklace

Joules sheep

Sheep necklace c/o Joules 

As much as I love the winter snow it seems it’s over for the year. This means I’m welcoming spring and summer with open arms, floaty dresses, cute necklaces and big sunglasses. I’m currently dreaming of festivals, beach trips, country walks and of course, holiday time. I can’t be alone in my summer themed dreams?

Spring and summer is the time that I start to fully embrace jewellery into my outfits. I seem to drift in and out of phases with jewellery. The winter months see me focusing on rings and bracelets as beautiful necklaces end up being covered by warm coats. During the warmer months I love to layer up necklaces, wear eye-catching pendants and I like to stack up lots of bracelets. Something that always stays consistent with my jewellery is that I like to create a talking point. I’m not talking big, bold statement pieces. I’m thinking something more unusual and unique that will stand out against pastel and white summer dresses.

I particularly like long chains with quirky pendants. I have lots of them from various high-street brands that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve even got a selection which I made myself. I find that a good necklace can really pull a simple outfit together. I like to have animals, flowers and trees hanging on the end of my necklaces.

Joules Necklace

Over the weekend I was mostly wearing this beautiful sheep necklace. It was a spring treat from the lovely girls over at Joules. They slipped it through my letter box a few weeks ago and it’s quickly become one of my favourites. In my last outfit post I told you how much I love the latest collection from Joules and this necklace does not disappoint.

The detailing of the sheep is spot on, there are no wonky eyes or funny shaped ears in sight. So far I’ve found the necklace to be a really nice quality for the price. This necklace doesn’t have the gate shaped clasp on the back, it’s just slips over my head which I actually prefer, no chance of it falling off! I believe the chain is around 37cm (according to a few of the others on the website). As you can see from the photos there’s also the classic hare branding which its just next to the sweet little sheep.

Joules actually have lots of beautiful accessories for summer. I’ve hd a few of their scarves over the years and they’re still going strong but I think the goose necklace is going to be next on my list.

What is your favourite type of jewellery for the summer months?