Big Cup Little Cup: Gulliver’s Finest on Easter Monday


Big Cup Little Cup

Big Cup Little Cup

Easter Monday, the perfect time to take things slow. I like to wake early, switch the Nespresso machine on and relax in bed. I’m not one for waking up late. I prefer to have the chance to relax with a book, read a magazine or even catch up with YouTube videos.

For many people coffee started out as a delicious morning routine but has now turned into a habit, it’s pretty much part of their job description. Endless rounds of the stuff are knocked back in the hope that it will keep them going throughout the working day. I’ve been there, I’ve grabbed 100s of cappuccinos to take into work in the hope that it will brighten up my morning and I’ll be honest, it usually did. But it very quickly became a habit. I was drinking coffee for the sake of it and not taking the time to really enjoy it.

Since working for myself I’ve realised that I drink much less coffee. I also rarely have a coffee outside of the house (unless it’s a real special place), they just don’t beat the delicious stuff that comes from my dear Nespresso machine. These days I like to ensure that whenever I’m about to make a coffee I have the time to really enjoy the process of making it, drinking it and taking a proper break. Next time you make a coffee take the time to enjoy the process, don’t just down a cup in the hope of keeping your eyes open.

Over the last few months I’ve been enjoying Big Cup Little Cup coffee. I still purchase the classic Nespresso pods but I like to buy pods from other brands to mix things up a little. I’ve actually spoke about alternative Nespresso pods before. One of the pods that has stood out to me is Gulliver’s Finest. I’ve enjoyed this coffee as both an espresso with a dot of brown sugar but also as a longer coffee with a bit of milk. This coffee has a strong, full bodied flavour and you can definitely pick up on the nutty notes.

Have you tried any of the coffee from Big Cup Little Cup? They offer free delivery on orders over £50 which I think is pretty good.