Have you packed for Wales?


I’m planning to get a few weekend breaks in this year, or I hope to. I think it’s very important to take a mini break, a change of scenery is good for everyone, especially if it involves long walks and good food. I don’t know about you, but I always come back from a trip away with lots of exciting and fresh ideas.

In the next couple of months I’m planning to visit Wales. Have you ever been? When I was much younger it was often our chosen destination for a spur of the moment weekend away, more specifically, Llandudno. I don’t remember there being much sunshine but I do remember being well equipped for lots of walking and the possibility of rain (thanks mum).

Last night I spent a couple of hours researching Wales. As I mentioned, it’s been a long time since I last visited and I’m keen to have an idea of what to do. I was only a few minutes into my research when I discovered that Wales is all about outdoor activities and they have some very interesting things on offer.

I won’t lie, I don’t think I’m adventurous enough for gorge walking or abseiling but if I’m feeling brave then Bounce Below sounds very exciting, have you heard of it? Bounce Below is located in a 176 year old cavern which is illuminated by a beautiful light display. It’s covered with suspended trampoline like nets which are linked together by walkways and slides. I know that my friends, Gadgetoid and Twfx would love it.

Now that we’ve established that I’m a bit of a wuss and generally prefer to have my feet firmly on the ground let me tell you about something I’m keen to do. I’m taken by the idea of a walking weekend and that’s not just for the fish & chips at the end of the walk, well, maybe it is! I remember doing the Circular Walk in Llandudno many times and although it was beautiful it seems quite tame (let’s not forget that time I did a 47 mile walk). So, I like the idea of doing the North Wales Path via Conwy Mountain. This walk is a 13 mile route (part of a larger 60 mile route) and there’s sure to be lots of opportunities for great photography.

I’ve put together a list of some of the things you’ll find in my bag for my walking trip in Wales: 

– External battery – an absolute essential as I feel safe knowing I can charge up my phone as and when needed.

– Light yet warm jacket – something I can squish up into my bag when hot but will also keep me warm and toasty. Something like the Ultra Light Down from Uniqlo is handy.

Nakd bars – these are not only delicious but also packed with nuts and dates to give you an energy kick.

– Camera – I will be taking my Canon 7D, a couple of lenses and my new Canon G16.

– Flask – Nothing beats a spot of warm tea/coffee after lots of walking, especially when your hands are cold.

– Tissues, plasters and hand sanitizer – pretty standard really!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Berghaus and Uniqlo for providing me with some fantastic goodies for my trip to Wales. I’ll be trying everything out and will get back to you with a few separate reviews. If you’re looking to equip yourself for an outdoor adventure than I suggest you have a browse of both of these brands – they’ll have you ready in no time.

What would you pack for a day out walking in Wales?