Share The Love: 3 Travel Vloggers To Enjoy

At the moment I’m working hard on my businesses which means that for now, my travels are on hold. However. that doesn’t mean I’m missing out. Thanks to all the amazing bloggers and vloggers out and about in the world there’s lots of interesting content to satisfy me. I’ve decided to put together a list of 3 travel vloggers I’ve been enjoying over the last few months. These are the people that give me the kick of motivation to work hard and find some time to explore this wonderful world we live in. They also make me want to switch my camera onto video mode.

Mr Ben Brown – Ben has moved from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa. He shares daily vlogs which often see him venturing off on road trips, visiting Canada and fitting in lots of snowboarding, surfing and running. All of Ben’s videos are beautifully edited but be sure to check out his Visual Vibes.

Awesome Wave – Raj and Elizabeth are digital nomads. They document their lifestyle through vlogs and over on their blog. The camera is always focused on a bustling market, interesting food and they share their stories and memories with the viewers. I always feels as though I’m right there with Raj and Elizabeth in their vlogs.

Hey Nadine – Nadine shares authentic lifestyle and travel vlogs. Her videos are packed with information and lots of fun. You will also find a bunch of videos with useful tips and tricks for aspiring travellers.

Who are your favourite travel bloggers?

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