10 Blogging Tips with Amazon Associates


Last month I was invited to an event with Amazon Associates. It was held at Amazon’s HQ in London, which I was very excited about. The aim of the event was to arm us with lots of information about affiliate marketing with Amazon, Amazon Fashion and general blogging tips. This event was right up my street, I love to learn new things and I’m always keen to improve my blog. We heard from; Ella GregoryGemma Royston-ClaireRachel Story and Reena Rai – everyone shared interesting and useful presentations. We were supplied with drinks and snacks in the break and had the chance to network with other bloggers.

Before the event I met up with Pippa from Clashing Time and Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health, both really lovely and interesting girls. I always like to meet up with one or two people before an event, it makes things much less daunting. I didn’t get many photos from the evening, I was too busy making notes and taking all the information in.

I thought I’d share a bunch of useful tips for blogging that I picked throughout the evening. I’m sure lots of you will already be aware of these things, but I think it’s always good to have a reminder.

Ten Tips to Improve your blog:

– Use social media to talk with others bloggers and interact with your audience.

– Post on a regular basis and remember to always focus on quality.

– Think quality on Instagram. Smartphones have good cameras so if you take your photos in daylight they’re bound to be crisp.

– A weekly or monthly feature will help to keep your audience coming back for more.

– Anyone who is creating content online can use affiliate schemes but always remember to be genuine.

– Continually learn new skills and be ready to adapt to changes.

– Clear titles will help your content to be easily searchable.

– Network – online and offline to build friendships with others bloggers, brands and PRs.

– Be consistent so your readers know what to expect from you.

– Don’t forget to continually share your evergreen content (content that will always remain relevant to your readers).

I’ve recently started using affiliate links. I use Amazon and Skimlinks at the moment and I find them both easy to use and incorporate into my posts. I obviously state in my disclaimer that I use them, as I hope most people do.

For those of you who aren’t sure, when someone clicks on an affiliate link within a blog post and then continues to make a purchase, the author of that post will receive a tiny commission. It makes no difference to your order at all. I personally click through the links from other bloggers, especially when I’m thinking of making a purchase. I think it’s a good way of being able to support content you enjoy. What are your thoughts on affiliate links, do you use them?

I hope you found some of the tips within this post useful. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Amazon for inviting me to the event and of course, a big thank you to all the speakers. It was really lovely to hear real life experience from bloggers I’ve been reading for a very long time.