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BMW Welt


Have you been to the BMW museum in Munich? If not, then make sure you schedule it into your next trip. The BMW HQ (you know, that four cylinder building at the top of this page), welt and museum can be found just ’round the corner from the Olympic Park.

The BMW Welt is a showroom for the latest products, specialist exhibitions and it’s also used as a conference space. It all depends on the the exhibition, but when we visited we spent around 40 minutes there. That includes stopping to take photos of the interesting architecture of the BMW buildings. We managed to visit on the day when they weren’t doing factory tours, I was gutted but at least it means there’s something exciting for me to do next time I’m in Munich. We also went to the BMW Museum which, as you would expect, is filled with the evolution of BMW. We spent a good 3 hours there. You can combine a visit to BMW alongside the Olympic Park, it can all be completed easily in one day.

What you will find at BMW Welt & Museum:

– Every car, motorcycle, aircraft and engine they’ve every produced
– The history of the BMW brand
– The BMW advert collection
– The Mini Story – a temporary exhibition ending on: 01/31/2016
– Get your days right and you can have a tour of the factory
– You might see people picking up their new car in the BMW Welt, or maybe you will be the one driving off in one!

Let me know if you take a trip to explore BMW.