Seed & Bean – Lemon & Cardamom


The other week I was telling Chloe how much I love cardamom. I use it is as often as I can in cooking, baking and I even add it into black tea. A little later Chloe returned with a bar of Seed & Bean chocolate. Not just any old bar, this was Lemon & Cardamom. I’d noticed Seed & Bean chocolate in a few shops but never got around to trying it. This was my chance. I squirrelled the bar away for a rainy day.

Living in Sheffield, that day came about very quickly.


When you unwrap the bar the scent of cardamom and lemon is subtle but easy to detect. With every bite of the bar you can taste the cardamom, it gives the chocolate a good kick and crunch. This chocolate bar is delicious. I say that about a lot of chocolate, but really, if you like cardamom and dark chocolate then I’m sure you will love this.

I’ve been enjoying a couple of squares in the evening with a cup of black tea. I’m keen to pick up another bar and do some baking with it. Lemon and cardamom cupcakes anyone?

I’ve been browsing the Seed & Bean website and I’d like to track down the Lavender bar. Have any of you tried it?