The Shoe That Grows

This morning I tweeted about something that really stood out to me. It’s something that you’ve probably all heard about by now, I’m very pleased that news is spreading fast. I didn’t think a single tweet was enough, so I’m here to share a little more info and point you in the direction of

Over 2 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites.  They live in areas that do not have adequate sanitation.  They struggle with proper hygiene.  They do not have the right clothing, resources, or health coverage.  And being sick = struggling.  Kids miss school, can’t help their families, suffer with pain. Many of these diseases and parasites get into the body because people don’t have shoes. – taken from the website.

Kenton Lee, the founder of The Shoe That Grows wanted to create a shoe that could adjust and expand as children’s feet grow. The shoe comes in small and large and adjusts to five sizes, offering long lasting protection for 5 years. I urge you to watch the video, it should give you all the information you need.

It makes me so happy to read about people creating useful products which can ultimately lead people to a more comfortable life. It’s always nice to hear about the good things people are doing in this world and even better when we can all be involved.