House & Home – Le Creuset Stoneware Mixing Jar



This week I decided to do something a little different with House & HomeI hope you enjoy it.

I thought that it was about time I share something I use on a daily basis in my kitchen. Actually, this is something I think everyone should have in their kitchen, a stoneware mixing jar from Le Creuset. This is probably up there within my top 5 things most used items in my kitchen.


I use this mixing jug for almost everything. It’s a really good size so I use it in place of a mixing bowl. You’ll find me making cakes, pancakes, salads, guacamole and much more in it. I even use this when I’m serving up food, it’s just so pretty.

The spout makes pouring out your mixture particularly easy, this is very handy when it comes to making pancakes or scrambled eggs. I much prefer using this than a regular bowl because of the handle. It helps you to keep the jug steady or you can even nestle it into arm with ease while you mix away.


These mixing jugs are stain, crack and chip resistant. The only thing that you should be careful using with them is an electric whisk, they can scratch the glaze (I found out the hard way). They’re also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

I’ve had this purple beauty for nearly 3 years and it’s still going strong. I’d actually like to purchase a second one very soon. I do a lot of baking and cooking and there are times when I need multiple mixing jugs.


Before I go I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can often find these mixing jars in TK Maxx although you can’t be fussy about the colours. They seem to have them on a regular basis along with other Le Creuset stoneware. I’m fairly sure they’re half the usual price (around £15 or less, instead of £30). You can also find these mixing jugs on Le Creuset and Amazon