Vegesentials – Carrot Mango & Parsnip


I go to the gym around 5 times a week, unless I’m away. My gym is situated opposite Waitrose and I often pop in to pick up bits of shopping and a juice for my walk home. I’m all for making fresh juice and smoothies at home, I actually make them most mornings. However, sometimes I’m short on time and not in the mood for cleaning the machine and then other times I just need a quick boost of energy to get me ready for working through the afternoon. That’s where ready-made smoothies and juices come in.

Last week I told you about the bottle of watermelon juice I picked up from Mello Drinks. This week it’s all about Vegesentials, one of the first raw veg drink brands in the UK. So, the first one from the range I tried was the Carrot, Mango & Parsnip smoothie. When I first saw that it contained parsnip I was curious, would it work in a smoothie?

I really enjoyed this smoothie and have repurchased it several times since this photo was taken. It has a full flavour of carrot juice with the added sweetness of mango and an earthy kick from the parsnip. I really enjoyed the taste of parsnip in the smoothie, it worked well alongside the carrot and mango. To really appreciate this drink you need to be someone who’s isn’t scared of vegetables and is open to experiencing new flavours. I know a few of my friends wouldn’t enjoy this but mainly because they aren’t a fan of veg, they’d need something a little fruiter to get into smoothies. However, if like me you love fruit and veg then I’m sure you will enjoy this.

I didn’t realise ’til I did my research that there are 6 flavours in the collection, two juices and 4 smoothies. So for the juices there’s; Celery, Apple & Kale and Beetroot, Pomegranate & Carrot juice. For the smoothies there’s; Carrot, Peach and Cucumber, Carrot, Mango and Parsnip, Cucumber, Pineapple and Spinach and Beetroot, Blueberry & Cucumber. I’d really like to get my hands on the full collection, if you see them around Sheffield then please let me know. Are you keen to find out the benefits of each drink? I sure was, so head over to the site and you will be able to find the health benefits of each one.

Patience and Andrew are the co-founders of Vegesentials. Due to a health scare Patience decided to flip her lifestyle around and start making fruit and veg smoothies at home. The whole family, including the kids loved her creations. Then, as if my magic, Patience found that her kids were spreading the word to their school friends. Parents were asking for the recipes but struggled to find the time to make them on a daily basis and that’s when they asked if they could buy them. This is how Patience’s lifestyle quickly turned into a hobby. She partnered up with her husband, Andrew and created Vegesentials in February 2012. They both have a real passion and dedication to the brand, it shines through on the website.

I’ve found Vegesentials in my local Waitrose, but they didn’t have the whole collection. They can also be found in Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett. If you give them a try be sure to let me know what you think.