Watermelon Mello Drink Review

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Earlier this week I spotted Mello Drinks in my local Waitrose. There are two juices in the collection; watermelon and cantaloupe. I’d just finished a session at the gym and thought it was the perfect time to try the watermelon one. Watermelon is up there with some of my favourite fruits. Like one of the owners, Rose I’m also from a Middle Eastern family which means that fruit has always been a big deal in my house. You can imagine how excited I was to find bottled watermelon juice after my PT session.

The Watermelon Mello Drink is made of 95% watermelon and 5% pomegranate – it’s as though it was designed just for me. This drink helps to hydrate you after a workout. It’s delicious and very refreshing. I do think that some people might find this juice to be a little bitter, that comes from the pomegranate. We’re so used to having drinks pumped with extra sugar that sometimes it can take a while to get used to the natural taste of things. I really enjoyed the drink as I love both watermelon and pomegranate, I’m sure I’ll be purchasing it again.

Mello Drinks have no additives or preservatives in at all, it really is just cold pressed juice.

You all know I love to support small businesses and that’s what this is. Rose and Sophie are the faces behind Mello Drinks. Just from reading their about page you can feel the sense of passion that shines through from these two. They also have some very wise words on not giving up – find out more.

I’ll be sure to try the Cantaloupe Mello Drink next week. Cantaloupe is said to be good for dry skin and to boost tiredness and fatigue.