House & Home – 4 New Technologies For Your Future Home


I don’t normally do a House & Home post on a Monday but after a little inspiration from Legal and General I decided I couldn’t wait to share my finds. Over on the Legal and General blog they’ve been talking about innovative technology for the home. I decided to do a little research and have found 4 new and exciting products which I think will become commonplace in the not so distant future.

USB Wall Sockets – I’m actually surprised that these aren’t being built into new builds at the moment but I’m fairly sure it’s coming. Charging up your phone, fitness bands and lots more things would be very simple with a USB wall socket. It also means you’d only need to carry around the necessary wires when you’re going into work or visiting a friend. You can currently pick these sockets up from places like Ebuyer and have them installed into your home. In my flat we use these extension plugs which also have USB sockets – they’re really useful.

Robot Mop – So, we’ve all seen robot hoovers and cats in shark costumes cleaning the kitchen, well it’s now time for the robot mop. If you currently have hard surface floors in your home then you’ll know that dust builds up very very quickly. There’s only two of us in my flat but the floor needs a good sweep most days. The iRobot Braava is set to save you a little time each day. It’s role is to scoot around the house and get rid of dust, daily dirt and smudges. It has two settings, sweep and mop so you can decided if the floor needs a dry or a damp clean. It’s not something I think that will be found in every home but I’m pretty sure there will be a fairly large market for them.

Mobile Phone Door Locks – The smart lock is a very new idea to me, I didn’t realise it was a thing ’til yesterday. I’m keen to find out more about it as it’s something that I think will become very popular over the next few years. The smart lock removes the need for keys and codes and it’s all controlled from your phone. You’ll be able to allow access and issues codes to friends and family and keep log records. This video explaining the product is interesting and well worth a watch.

Wireless Chargers  – Good old Ikea are already selling a host of wireless charging products. I particularly like the style of this lamp, minimalist yet serving two very important functions. Imagine bundling through the door after a busy day and simply placing your phone by the lamp to charge up. Currently, they only work with certain phones (not the iPhone) but I’ve heard that wireless charging phone cases are on the way.

If you’re interested in new tech then be sure to check out the websites that I’ve mentioned, especially for the mop and door lock – they have lots more information. Finally, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the future of technology. Does it excite you or are you reluctant to implement these sorts of things into your life?