My 30 Before 30 List of fun goals


Easter Day fell on Tax Day which also happened to be my birthday (5th April, if you’re not sure). This year I turned 28. I’m very happy to have reached this age feeling healthy, happy and heading in the right direction in life. I didn’t have the chance to fully document my birthday here on the blog but I’m here to do that now. I know I’m a little late with this and I know everyone does it but more than anything, this list is to encourage and challenge myself to make the most of every year.

I’m not someone who believes that you must achieve certain things by certain ages, not in regards to what society thinks anyway. If you have personal goals set then that’s fine, I do. I just think it’s important to ensure that those things are all set as your own goals and not heavily influenced by society and the people around you.

This is simply a list of fun things I would like to do before I hit 30. If it doesn’t happen then that’s fine, I’d just like to make a good start on it. I also have a list of personal and business goals but these are currently in the front of my diary (so I can see them every day). I might share my business goals over on Llama Social if anyone is interested.

This is quite an ambitious list, especially as I’m already 28 but I’ve made a start since my birthday and I’m excited to see what I can fit into the next couple of months.

– Create a book of my photos on Blurb
This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I plan on creating a book on Southwold this year and if it all goes well I’d like to create one for each year as I continue through my life. It’s easy to forget to print photos these days but with Blurb you can create your own coffee table book. 

– Create/learn and share 30 baking or meal ideas on the blog

I cook a couple of new dishes each week so I’d like to start documenting these on my blog. I think it’s good to share and inspire others to cook and bake but it’s also a nice way of keeping track of recipes I really like.

1 – Funfetti cake in a jar – Completed
2 – Almond butter balls – Completed
 – Vegan brownies – Completed
4 – Spinach and kale curry – Completed
5 – Parma Violets Dairy Free Milkshake – Completed
6 – Dairy Free mocha milkshake – Completed
7 – Espresso Ice lollies – Completed
8 – Dairy free iced coffee – Completed
9 – Vegan cookies – Completed
10 – Veg and Lentil Wellington – Completed
11 – Middle Eastern Wellington – Completed
12 – Persian rice – Completed
13 –
14 –
15 –

– Take a bag of stuff to a different charity each month
I’ve already started doing this but from July I will take a photo of me with a charity shop bag each month. This is to help me lead a less cluttered life and also pass on some of the lovely things I own to people who might need them more. I’ll be more than happy for you to share your favourite charities or places which accept donations (Sheffield area for now) so I can go and donate.
July – Completed
August – Completed
September – Completed
October – Completed
November –Completed
December –Completed
January – March – I have 4 bags waiting to go to the charity shop
April – June – I have taken multiple bags to the charity shop each month
July – October – I’m still taking at least 1 bag a month to the charity shop
November – December – We donated to a new charity shop we discovered on these 2 months
I consistently take a bag to the charity shop once or twice a month now.

– Take 30 workshops/courses

I’ve already started to take part in a few courses since my birthday in April. I’m hoping that this goal will encourage me to try new things and improve upon my current skills. These workshops and/or courses can be both online and offline. 

1 – B&W Fine Art Photography – Completed
2 – Learning to use a sewing machine and make a cushion cover – Completed
3 – A Beautiful Mess Blog Life – Completed
4 – Chef in to Cupboard at The Woodspeen – Completed
5 – Amie Atelier Makeup Class – Completed
6 – Life coaching diploma – In process
7 – The Blogger Course – Completed
8 – Global Food Security -Completed
9 –
10 – 

– Enjoy 30 cultural experiences
The experiences can take place in England or anywhere around the world. They can include things such as museums, exhibitions, the theatre, historical tours etc. The basic idea is just to get out and do stuff. I’ve missed so many exhibitions over the last two years simply because I didn’t set aside time to go. 

1-  Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty – Completed – 9th July 2015
2- Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool – Completed
3 – Tate Liverpool – Completed
4 – C/O Berlin – Completed
5 – Walking tour of Berlin – Completed
6 – Visit Szechenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest – Completed
7 – Hungarian National Museum – Completed
8 – Walk up to the Fisherman’s Bastion – Completed
9 – Visit Spinalonga Island in Crete – Completed
10 – Experiene a wedding abroad (Crete) – Completed
11 – Visited the Berlin Victory column – Completed
12 – Visited Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – Completed
13 – Musee d’Orsay in Paris – Completed
14 – Guided Segway tour of Paris – Completed
15 – Explored art and design from around the world at the V&A in London – Completed
16 – Explored the The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge – Completed
17 – Explored the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield – Completed
18 – Explored Weston Park Museum in Sheffield – Completed
19 – Sheffield Botanical Gardens visit – Completed
20 -Cambridge Botanical Gardens visit – Completed
21 – Wyken Farmers Market – Completed
22 – Visit Brighton Pier – Completed
23 – Degas Exhibition – Completed
24 – Codebreakers and Groundbreakers at Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge – Completed
25 – Kelham Island Museum – Completed
26 –
27 –
28 –
29 –
30 –

– Visit 30 new (to me) places
This will include new countries, cities, towns, villages, pretty much just anywhere that is new to me. I think it’s important to explore the area you live as well as the rest of the world but sometimes we all need that extra little kick. 

1 – Bakewell – Completed on 4th July 2015 – read about my day.
2 – Berlin – Completed during 30th September 2015 – 9th October 2015 – read about my trip
3 – Blognix in Daventry, Northamptonshire – Completed February 2016
4 – Budapest  – Completed March 2016 
5 – CreteCompleted June 2016 
6 – 
Spinalonga Island – Completed June 2016
7 –
Agios Nikolaos  – Completed June 2016
8 – St Ives, Cambridgeshire – Completed September 2016
9 – Chelsea, London – Completed – 3rd December 2016
10 – Five Weirs Walk Sheffield – Completed 7th January 2017
11 – Ecclesall Woods – Completed
12  – Kelham Island Museum – Completed 
13 – Sheffield Botanical Gardens – Completed 
14 – Brighton – Completed November 2017 
15 –
16 –
17 –
18 –
19 –
20 –

– Complete 30 DIY projects
I’m always pinning lots of fun and interesting DIY projects over on Pinterest. I think it’s time to start putting these into action. Even if they don’t turn out too well, it’s still a fun thing to do and, of course, document here on Prettygreentea. Links to Pinterest are DIY projects I plan to do
1 – Made my own lip balm.
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –
10 – 

– Create 30 videos to document my life and share on YouTube
I’ve spent the last 10 years documenting my life through photography. I don’t want to stop improving upon my photography skills but I do want to develop my film and editing skills. I’ve really enjoyed having so many photographic memories to look back on and I think video will add something special to that.

This goal has been completed with 33 videos being created for Vlogmas 2015. I’ll be continuing to make videos consistently so I hope to continue making a list of 30 (aside from vlogmas videos)

– Visit New York (again)
I’d love to show Phil or my mum and sister my favourite places in NYC. It’s a city I really fell in love with, despite never expecting to.

– Improve upon my make-up application and create a capsule wardrobe
I’ve combined these together because I’m already in the process of working through these things. I want to have a selection of make-up looks that work well for my face shape and also develop a strong selection of key items within my wardrobe. I took three bags of clothes to the charity shop the other day, this has left me with a lot of space.

  • Mac Make-up Application class attended December 2015 with Gemma.

– Stay in a log cabin or an unusual property for the night
I’m not one for camping but I’m totally up for staying in a quirky building or log cabin. Something with a hot tub during winter would be extra fun. My friends over at Awesome Wave put together a list of 10 unusual places to stay in the UK. I’ll use that for inspiration. 

– Experience 30 relaxing treatments – self care
I’m generally not very good at taking time off and relaxing. So, I’d like to spend some of my hard earned money and time on having my nails done and experiencing new, relaxing treatments and massages. I’m going to include going to the hairdresser with this. It’s something that always takes me a long time to get ’round to doing but once I’m there I really do cut off. I think a good hair cut or even just a blow dry can really give you a confidence boost.

1 – Enzyme Peel at MediSpa in Sheffield – Completed

2 – My second Enzyme Peel at MediSpa in Sheffield – Completed

3 – Visited the Szechenyi Thermal Baths twice in Budapest – Completed

4 – Hair cut at RUSH in Manchester

5 – Gemma gave me my first French Manicure

6 – Nails done in Sheffield city centre

7 – Nails done at Wigs and Warpaint

8 – Gemma did my nails for my birthday

9 – Spa day with Gemma at the Turkish spa in Sheffield

10 – Had my hair done at Wigs and Warpaint

11 – Had mt hair done at Laundry





– Learn to identify 30 different flowers
I take so many photos of flowers that I think it’s about time I learnt to identify them. When I’m 30 I want to be able to clearly identify 30 different flowers from photos I’ve taken. I think there’s a good video to be made out of this and the below goal. 

– Learn to identify 30 different birds
I love animals, especially birds and I even have a full Pinterest board dedicated to them. However, I only know a few of their names, I’m hoping to change this in the next couple of years. When I’m 30 I want to be able to identify 30 different birds.

– Read 30 business books
My favourite books to read are always business books. I love factual books, where I know I’m going to learn something new. I’m going to include audibooks in this too. 

  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss – Completed 
  • Quiet by Susan Cain – Completed 
  • Burn the Bullsh!t – Completed
  • Crush it (audiboook) – Completed 
  • #AskGaryVee (audiobook) – Completed
  • Big Magic (audiobook) – Completed
  • The Thank you Economy – Completed 
  • Crush it! – Completed
  • Shoe Dog – Completed
  • How to be everything completed
  • How to win friends and influence people – Completed 
  • Building a social business Completed

– Go indoor skydiving
I know most people would have real skydiving on their list but not me. However, I do fancy indoor skydiving. I think it sounds both scary and fun. I think there are a couple of places to do this near Cambridge. 

– Go horse riding
I used to do this when I was younger but it’s been a very long time since I’ve been. I’m keen to get back into it, even if I just attend a couple of lessons.

– Visit the Llamas and go trekking if possible – 
Yet another thing I’ve talked about doing since I was at high school but never got ’round to. So, I’ve found a few places near Sheffield and Cambridge which offer it. This is something I’d like to tick off toward the end of summer.

– Have a spa day with my mum and sister
We’ve never done anything like this together and I think it would make for a lovely and relaxing day out.

– Attend a new (to me) festival or go to Glastonbury again
I’ve been to Glastonbury, Benicassim, Wireless, Latitude and a few smaller festivals. I haven’t got any festivals planned for the summer (yet) and I’d like to experience another one, maybe something small or go to Glastonbury with Gemma (tickets are very hard to get).

– Grow my own mint, coriander, basil and parsley
I use them so much that it’s time I grow a healthy bunch of herbs. I’ve already started with mint because I use it in my tea and cooking most days. They’re fairly easy to keep alive, even in a flat.

Mint – Completed

Coriander – Completed 

Basil – Completed 

– Put together a scrapbook
My plan is to document one of my next holidays with a scrapbook. It’s not something I’ve done in quite some time. If it goes well then I’d like to try and get into journaling. 

– Go on a weekend break with my sister
We’ve had lots of day trips to London but I think it’s about time that we venture a little further, maybe Italy. 

– Learn to knit a scarf
This is something I plan to do over autumn, it seems the right time. I think knitting is another one of those skills that is good to have a basic knowledge of

– Sell some of my own work over on my shop Indiecana
I’m hoping this will happen sooner rather than later. I’ve wanted to sell some of my photography as cards and prints for quite some time now. It’s so easy to put these things off and I’m always encouraging others to do it, so now it’s my turn.

I have now closed the shop but still plan to sell my own work through Prettygreentea.

– Try snorkelling
Although I love swimming this does make me a little nervous. However, I think it could be very fun and is something I can incorporate into a holiday.

– Learn to light a barbecue without any hassle then host a garden (or Halloween) party to go alongside it (I’m sure my dad will help me with this)
I’ve always left it to everyone else to light the barbecue. This is probably one of the most important skills to be aware of. Kidding, it is pretty important though.

– Learn how to change a tyre and jump start a car (I’ll also need the help of my dad with this one)
As a driver this is something I should already know, but I don’t and it’s something I think I should be aware of.

Take my dad to my favourite places in London
As much as my dad enjoys London he always seems to go on trips where all he does is walk and walk and then gets very tired. I want to take him to my favourite coffee shops, restaurants and attractions. Food, Food food! 

– Reach my fitness and health goals and maintain them.
I’m including this within my fun list because it’s something I honestly enjoy. I think the best way for me to keep track of my progress will be through quarterly updates and photos. I’d like to ensure I incorporate swimming as well as pilates and yoga into my weekly fitness routine. 

I can’t imagine many of you made your way through to the end of the list. If you did, I hope it’s given you some inspiration and I’d love you to stay along for the journey. Everything will be documented here on my blog, over on Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and Twitter.