House & Home: Animal Themed Mugs




Hen Mug | Pheasant Mug | Lapwing Mug | Pig Mug

Whenever I get a new set of mugs I try my hardest to let a few of my oldest ones go. It’s not easy, but I think it’s important to do. I don’t think it’s good to have too much clutter around the house. I often take my old ones to the charity shop and hope that they’ll move onto someone who really needs them.

This morning I stumbled upon the beautiful piggy mug from Laura Ashley (currently on sale). I then decided to collect a few other animal themed cups and share them within this House & Home post.

I think mugs always make a good gift. First up we have this pretty little hen from Joules. It’s such a fun and bright mug, I’m also really liking pink at the moment. I’ve had a couple of mugs from Joules and I can assure you that the quality is good.

Next we have one of my favourite animals, the pheasant. This mug is form Royal Worcester, you can find the full collection in John Lewis. The illustrations on these mugs are really well done, keep an eye out for the duck.

Next up is the lapwing mug by Madeleine Floyd. My mum has a couple of these with various birds on. They’ve lasted for quite some time. The quality is lovely and the illustrations are very sweet.

Finally with have the pig from Laura Ashley, I’d like to add this one to my collection. I love the shades of pink on this mug and it looks like a really nice shape. I’ll be popping into to the store at the weekend to see what the quality is like.

Which animal mug is your favourite?