House & Home: Summer Trays



Ikea Bird Tray | Freedom Tray at Indiecana | Orla Kiely Pear Tray

The first day of summer was on the 21st June. It’s taken a few days but we’ve finally had some beautiful sunshine here in Sheffield. To welcome in the summer months I thought I’d share some of my favourite trays from around the web. I use trays on a daily basis. They prevent me from spilling cups of tea early in the morning. They’re handy for serving up condiments and snacks in the evening and of course, they make things very easy when you’re eating outside. As always, I’ll give you a run down of what I’ve picked.

Let’s start with a tray that I’ve owned for a couple of years, the Ikea bird tray. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen this tray pop up a few times. This has been in their collection for a good few years. It’s a nice big (33×33 cm) square, colourful and really brightens up the kitchen. I use this all the time but it’s also handy to pop my baking bowl on it so it catches all the flour and icing sugar dust. This leaves me with a very easy kitchen to clean.

Next we have a beautiful tray made here in the UK by Sarah Hamilton. It’s currently stocked over in my little shop, Indiecana along with a few other designs. I love Sarah’s work, it’s inspired by the nature around her. These trays have been very popular in my shop. These trays comfortably fit 3 big mugs (40cm x 16cm x 1cm) or 4 glasses of gin. You can use it for whatever you like. I think this tray is particularly nice for a birthday gift. The soft and bright tones work well together and even if it’s not used daily it’s still a decoration for the home.

Finally I picked out this round tray from Orla Kiely (dia.35.6cm). It has a wonderful 60s vibe to it and is sure to brighten up every coffee morning. I think this tray would be perfect for serving up cups of tea and coffee in the garden. I don’t have a round tray at the moment but I’ll be pleased when I’ve added one to my collection (hopefully this one).

Which is your favourite tray?