Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer Review by Yankee Candle

Over the last month I’ve set my collection of candles to one side and have started to use the Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer* from Yankee Candle. This was kindly sent to me to try out and because I’ve found it so useful I thought I’d share it with you. This is going to be a review based post with information on the warmer and 4 separate wax scents.


Let’s start with the warmer – which you can buy here. There are currently 5 different designs to pick from. I have Robyn (£28.49) which is a lovely soft grey/green shade with a simple zigzag pattern around the lower half. This shade fits well with my home and as it’s a very clean and soft design I think it will work well with a variety of colour schemes.


The Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer consists of a flameless heater which quickly heats up and melts the wax from the Melt Cup. The wax turned into liquid very quickly, about 20 minutes after being turned on. The scent then begins to fill the room. Once the Melt Cup has cooled down it’s easy to remove and replace the lid to store away for next time. This gives you the chance to switch out your wax choice as often as you like in a neat and simple way.

I’ve had no problems with reusing the Melt Cups. At first I thought the scent may not be as strong but it was just as though I was using it for the first time. Each Melt Cup offers 24 hours of fragrance which I think is brilliant for the £4.49 tag.


The Warmer has a six foot power cord which I’ve found is more than long enough and flexible to place the warmer where I want.


Sparkling Cinnamon is one of my all time favourite scents from Yankee Candle. It’s perfect for the autumn and winter months and really gives off a festive and warming feel to your home. This is a strong scent so if you like cinnamon and spice then you’ll be sure to like it.

This Melt Cup gives off a strong and lasting scent throughout the room after just 20 minutes of warming. I leave this on for around 3 or 4 hours but it never becomes overpowering.

Mango Peach Salsa is one of my mum’s favourite scents. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this but it’s a fresh, tropical scent which is ideal for the summer time. It’s not at all a sickly scent which I was very pleased about. Whenever I burn this I always think back to holidays and trips to the beach.

After 30 minutes of warming the Melt Cup gives off a strong scent which fills up a large room quickly.


I’ve really enjoyed using the Midnight Jasmine Melt Cup. I think floral scents work very well throughout the summer months. This takes just under a full hour to give off a medium scent, before this it’s fairly subtle but I think that’s the nature of Midnight Jasmine. I haven’t tried it in a full sized candle before but I really enjoy the light, subtle scent which filled the room.


I’d never tried Pink Sands before but I’ve really enjoyed melting it in the warmer. It’s very much a summer scent. I was surprised to find that it was a sweet candle. I expected it to have more of a fresh or perhaps floral scent. I’m not normally a fan of sweeter candles but luckily this isn’t overpowering or sickly. It’s subtle but still noticeable when you walk into the room.

Final thoughts:

I’ve really enjoyed using the Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmer over the last month. It’s something I’ll continue to use and I’m keen to pick up a few autumnal scents when the season starts to change. I think that this would make a really nice gift for any candle lover. The quality of the warmer is strong and sturdy and I personally think that Robyn looks very neat and classy.

1 – Robyn warmer 2 – Elizabeth warmer 3 – Noah warmer 4 – Eclipse warmer 5 – Rosa warmer 6 – Lucy warmer 7 – Food & Spice Scenterpiece Meltcups 8 – Christmas Eve Meltcup 9 – Scenterpiece Mixed Meltcup pack 10 – Christmas and Winter Meltcup Pack 11 – Soft Blanket Meltcup 12 – Mandarin Cranberry Meltcup

Will this replace my love for candles? Probably not. I like to buy candles from a variety of brands and wouldn’t stop trying out new scents in favour of using this. However, it’s something that I will use on a regular basis and I’m pleased to have as an interesting and useful piece of decor.