BBQ Party Essentials

In my last post I mentioned that I was back in Sheffield. The weather has been such a mix of rain showers and bright hot sunshine. I’m determined to make the most of any lasts bits of warm weather we get throughout August. I love spending time outside and even though I’m currently living in a flat I still make use of the gardens. I’ve recently been taking my book and a cuppa outside for my afternoon breaks.

I spend a lot of time on Rightmove and when I find a city I want to live in for more than one year, a home with a garden will be high up on my list. After browsing Caribbean Blinds I’m very interested in the idea of patio awnings. They offer shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, they’re used in many European countries. I think they look very stylish and are practical. Mostly, I like the idea of not needing to quickly rush inside with plates of food and drinks when you’re hosting a BBQ and uninvited surprise rain arrives. With this as my inspiration I decided to pull together everything you need to host a BBQ party.

BBQ-PARTY-ESSENTIALSFlaming Glass | Straws | Soda Jug | B&O Rose Speaker | Landmann Piccolino BBQ | Pac Pam Ice Tray | Saldanha Picnic Blanket | Nest of Heart Bowls | Watermelon Napkins |

I’m sure you’re all aware that the most important part of a BBQ is the food. I have a Pinterest board which will help you out with that.

Follow Daisy’s board BBQ Essentials on Pinterest.

Next, you’re going to need something to cook that food with and that’s where the beautiful Landmann BBQ comes in. I really like the colour of this and it’s also portable which is handy for any of you living in flats or the more daring ones of you who go camping.

You’re going to need something to serve the food up in and the other day I stumbled upon the beautiful nest of heart bowls in ASDA, they’re only £10 and can be used all year round. I’d also suggest thinking about the addition of plastic plates and bowls if you have them knocking about it. They’re easy to wash and if someone drops something it’s not the end of the world.

A summer BBQ gives you the chance to crack out some fun items such as watermelon napkins, a big jug for cocktails or water, glasses with flamingos on (I use these all year) and colourful straws. If that isn’t enough then go for some fun ice cube trays. I really want to get these Pac Man ones and spike them with gin.

Something that’s often left to the last minute is music. Get together a dedicated Spotify list for your party, you don’t want any embarrassing songs popping up, or maybe you could dedicate a whole list to cheesy music. I wasn’t going to share a speaker but I stumbled upon this rose beauty from B&O, it’s pricy but if you’re looking to make an investment then this would be my pick from a quality and stylish brand.

Finally, even if you have seating I think rolling out a picnic rug always goes down well. It helps to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Just hope that it doesn’t rain.

This post was in collaboration with Caribbean Blinds. All words and opinions are my own.