A walk through Lammas Land Cambridge



If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I spent most of last week in Cambridge. I had planned to get out and about with my camera during the week so I took my 7D, G16, 2 lenses and a monopod. However, it turned out to be a very busy week with little time for photography.

I spent a good 3 days seeing family who were visiting from Greece. My two cousins are 8 and 6 so as you can imagine, those days were filled with entertaining activities, lots of Despicable Me films and a delicious trip to Zizzi. It was a really good few days and so nice to finally catch up. I then visited a few friends, spent time with my sister and as always, had a good chunk of work to get though. It was a very productive week but I didn’t manage to take any photos ’til the very last day.

Sunday was my last day in Cambridge (I’ll be back in September) and I spent the day walking around with my mum and dad. It was a lovely day and I was pleased to finally take some photos. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my photography for a couple of months now. I’m very keen to improve and get back to where I was with it this time last year. It’s something I really enjoy. I’m also starting to take more video and plan on spending a few weeks using Lynda to improve my editing skills.

My number one tip for anyone trying to do more photography is to use what you’ve got. Don’t be desperate to upgrade your equipment ’til you’re getting the most out of your current kit. Yes, that includes your iPhone camera.

I hope you enjoy the very small selection of photos. I’m going to aim to go outside with my camera this weekend and will be back with another selection of photos.