Summer Evening Skincare Routine


Many of my skincare reviews go in-depth into the product and the brand. I really enjoy doing those posts but today I thought I’d try something different. I’m going to share a round-up of all the products I’ve been using on a nightly basis along with a mini review or a link to a full review of each.

Any products marked with CF mean that the brand is cruelty free. If I’ve made a mistake or not marked a brand which is CF then please let me know in the comments and I’ll change it. It’s a very confusing topic that I’ve recently started to look into.

Skincare is very important to me. I suffer from dry skin throughout the year so it’s important for me to use hydrating creams on my face, body and hands. So, here are the products I’ve been using over the last two months on a regular basis.


I use a cleanser at the end of each day. A long standing favourite of mine is the Avène Micellar Lotion. I use this before applying any other creams to ensure all dirt and make-up is removed from my skin. It’s essential to start with a clean base before applying your face and eye cream. I find that this is also very refreshing and helps me to start relaxing before bed.

If you haven’t used this cleanser before than my full review might be interesting. 

Next it’s time for a face mask. This isn’t something I use on a daily basis, just once a week. I try to incorporate my face mask into my Sunday night skincare. It gives me a chance to sit back and be mindful for 15 minutes.

I’m currently using the Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask from Good Things – CF. This was a gift for my birthday and I’ve been using it on a weekly basis over the last few months.

I simply apply this liberally across my face, avoiding the area around my eyes. I then leave it for 15/20 minutes and wash off with warm water. This is a white clay mask which doesn’t dry too quickly. I really like this mask because it does a fab job at bringing back hydration into my skin and leaves it feeling very soft. I have sensitive skin but haven’t had any reactions to this mask. Yay! 

Good Things is an affordable and natural brand which you can find in most Boots stores. This mask is free from parabens, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate.


At the moment I’m using this Rich Hydreating Cream from Avène as both a morning and night cream. I’ve spoke about this face cream many times before (full review). Generally I prefer to have a thicker cream at night but I’ve run out all my night creams so I’m finishing this tube up then I’ll treat myself to a few new products. This is a light face cream but it’s still hydrating for the summer months. 

If my skin is particularly dry then I’ll add some Bio Oil to my face because it’s very good for dry skin.



One of my favourite parts of my skin care routine is eye cream. If I get out of the habit of using eye cream then I really notice the difference. The skin around my eyes becomes very tender and sore. A few weeks ago the kind folk over at Look Fantastic sent over the Eye Restore cream from Glo-Therapeutics – CF. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 weeks and I’m really benefiting from it. Look Fantastic have a really wide selection of make-up and skincare. They even do their own beauty box which I’ve heard very good things about.

Glo-Therapeutics is a totally new brand to me. The eye cream is free of parabens. Ingredients such as a Willowherb and Green Tea Extract give anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to smooth the skin. The cream also contains Vitamin K which is said to help with dark circles.

I apply a little to my finger and then work the cream just under and around my eyes. It’s important to be very gentle when applying any creams on your face but especially around your eyes. So far the cream has very much reduced the puffiness from under my eyes. The skin around my eyes is also much softer and it feels fresh and hydrated. I currently use this eye cream in the morning and evening without fail.


Let’s move onto body cream. I find that body cream can be something that people get lazy with, I used to be like that. However, now that I’m in the routine of using various creams after my shower, in the morning and before bed it’s become a habit.

I’m currently using the Lavender & Chamomile Soothing Salve* from Botanicals – CF (full review). I use this on very dry patches of skin each evening. It helps to hydrate and soften my skin. I think this product has a lovely scent of lavender and chamomile which is perfect to help with relaxation before bed.  


We have another old favourite of mine here. I use a variety of oils including rose, avocado and good old Bio Oil – fairly sure final product is CF. I originally started using Bio Oil back when I was about 17 or 18 to get rid of scars (from eczema) on my legs. It totally worked and I can’t recommend it enough for that. However it’s not just scars that it works magic on. Not long after using Bio Oil I quickly realised that it’s very very good for dry skin. Just a little oil goes a long way. I currently have a couple of scars on my legs which I’m using Bio Oil on so I often use it on the rest of my body too.


Foot cream is something I try very hard to use every night. I can’t stand dry feet and if I don’t use a foot cream then I find that I can be left with dry heels. Yuck! I’m currently using the coconut foot cream from Burt’s Bees – CF which I’ve repurchased several times over the years (full review). It has a lovely soft scent of coconut. The consistency of the product is like gel which makes it very easy to apply.

I apply this all over my feet with a cotton pad and then put a soft pair of socks on. I like to think it works hard enough during the night that I don’t need to apply it in the morning too. 


I use hand cream throughout the day and I’m currently using up a few different ones. The one by my bed right now is Neutrogena’s Nourishing Hand Cream with Nordic Berry – CF I’ve linked to this as the website says they’re CF but I’ve found a lot of conflicting information.

This cream has a very subtle scent. The product has a fairly thin consistency but it drys quickly and works well to hydrate the skin. However, I much prefer the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula as it’s a much thicker consistency.


I have a few lip balms I alternate between. Recently the one I’ve been reaching for most is from Bee Good in Vanilla & Honey – CF. This is a natural lip balm with no nasties. There’s no synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicone, SLS and SLES or parabens to be found in Bee Good products.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my current list of summer evening skincare products. Most of them are CF although I’m not 100% sure with the hand cream. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information regarding Johnson and Johnson. I’m open to learning and find out more about CF products. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t use all CF products right now but the majority are CF. Going forward I will ensure all CF products are marked clearly here on Prettygreentea.

Do you have any favourite skincare products for the summer months? 

Do you try to buy cruelty free products?