5 Positive Tips To Turn Your Day Around


Viking are well versed in spreading happiness. A while back they ran a campaign for World Happiness Day where they created a printer that printed out cheerful pictures and messages for people passing by. Following on from this they’re now sharing #EmergencyHappiness packages filled with gifts for when things aren’t going to plan. I was lucky enough to receive one of the packages and thought I’d show you what I found inside.

The idea behind the#EmergencyHappiness package is to spread smiles and happiness and to encourage and inspire others along the way. Spreading happiness is something I’m fully behind and it’s something that’s very easy to do.

I think it’s important to always be the best human we can be towards ourselves and other people. We all stuff up along the way, we all have down days but as long as we can learn from our mistakes and appreciate what we have in life then that’s the important thing.

Inside my #EmergencyHappiness box, I found a lucky bag. It contained a lucky penny, a Lotto Hotpicks ticket and happiness dust (as a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining). I then came across a small treasure chest filled with peppermint and green tea. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good cuppa and biscuit (also supplied in the box) and taking some time to relax. I’ve since added a few more teabags to the chest and I’ll be keeping these teas to one side for days when emergency tea is needed.

I also found some Parma Violets and Refreshers. I’ve stuffed these into P’s work bag, I’m sure they’ll put a smile on his face when he stumbles upon them. The slate heart was right at the bottom of the box. After I’d finished popping the bubble wrap I hung the heart up in the kitchen and I’m aiming to write a positive word on it each week.

It’s so easy to spread a little happiness. Why not create your own #EmergencyHappiness box? You could keep it for yourself of gift it to a friend. Something else you could do is create a memory jar. Write down all your happy memories throughout the month or year and when you’re feeling down empty out the jar and read about all the wonderful things that have happened throughout your year.


Every now and then we can all experience a bad day, fall into a slump or simply need a kick of motivation. When you work from home you really must stay focused and motivated. So, I’m sharing 5 tips to help you turn those negative days around: 

Put the kettle on: Step away from your computer, put the kettle on and take 10 minutes to relax away from your work.

Go for a walk: Leave your phone at home or simply put it on silent and go for a walk in the fresh air.

– Shower: Put on a face mask, take 10 minutes to listen to a meditation podcast and then enjoy your shower.

– Pick up the phone: Keeping in regular contact with friends and family is so important. If you don’t fancy talking to anyone then drop someone a text or email.

Go to the gym: You might not be in the mood at first but once you’ve been for a swim, run or taken a class it’s really going to help kick-start your day.

Today didn’t start so well for me. I’m normally fresh and ready for a productive day on a Monday. I’d had a very little sleep and was lacking in motivation when I woke up. However, after a good run and row at the gym followed by a big cup of tea and shower I was more than ready to tackle the day.

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