Making the most of summer with Aperol Spritz

I’ve been to Italy many times over the years and every time I’ve seen people sitting outside of restaurants sipping on big glasses of a bright orange drink. I was desperate to find out what they were but never plucked up the courage to ask. It seemed to be the sort of thing you should know, everyone else did. So, when Aperol got in contact to see if I’d like to take part in their summer challenge I did my research and realised that this was that colourful drink that everyone in Italy loves.

I was sent a box of Aperol goodies and challenged to find out just how easy it is to create the perfect Aperol Spritz at home. It’s really very easy, you must give it a go. If you don’t believe me, grab your ingredients and check out this fun video from Aperol.

Here’s how I got on with making my first Aperol Spritz at home.


Slice your orange (I like to freeze the rest and use them as orange ice cubes)


Take your largest wine glass and fill it with ice 


Pour in 75ml prosecco 


Add in 50ml Aperol


A dash of soda (25ml if you like to be accurate) 


Pop a slice of orange into your glass


  Sit in the sunshine, close your eyes and dream of being in Italy. Oh, and enjoy your homemade Aperol Spritz.

I really enjoyed the bitter-sweet taste of the Aperol Spritz. It’s definitely an acquired taste but I generally like most things. It’s made of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona. It’s a refreshing drink and I suggest you soak up these last few days of the summer sunshine we’ve been having. Since making my way through a few glasses of Aperol Spritz I’ve realised how much I’ve missed a trip to Italy this year.


Have you tried making an Aperol Spritz or even had it out in Italy?