The Tea Makers Review

Back in August I was sent a very generous selection of teas from The Tea Makers of London. I’d never tried anything from the brand before so I was excited to get stuck into the selection. I’ve been making pots of these teas whenever my friends and family visit and they’ve all gone down very well.


Chai of Madagaskar was the first tea I tried. It was the name that made me reach for it but as soon as I’d opened up the packet I knew I’d made the right decision. I was hit with the most wonderful scent. It was sweet, floral and to me, a little chocolatey. I didn’t wait long before hitting the switch on the kettle, dropping a couple of teaspoons into the teapot and brewing up tea for two. I left the tea to steep for 5 minutes and drank it without milk.


Once the tea had brewed the scent wasn’t as strong but the flavour was full and silky. This is a warming tea with a mix of floral and spicy flavours. Most of the teas I drink are spicy, I’m a sucker for anything with cinnamon in. The addition of floral notes from the Rose Blossom leaves made a lovely change.


Ingredients: Green Honeybush, Orange Bits, Cocoa Bits, Cinnamon, Ginger Bits, Flavour, Vervain, Cardamom Pods, Cloves, Rose Pepper, Vanilla Bits, Rose Blossom Leaves.


I really enjoyed Chai of Madagaskar and still have a little of the tea left to enjoy over the winter months.


 I’m a very big fan of green tea so I was excited to try this Green Tea blend with Tangerine and Coconut. I opened up the tea and a delightfully fruity scent came out of the packet. As the tea brews (leave it for 2 minutes) it has a much sweet scent.

The green tea was very much the first taste that you detect but with the addition of a subtle fruity and sweet taste from the coconut and pineapple chips. The flavours are not too overpowering and it’s a tea which I’ve enjoyed starting the mornings with over the last moth.


It’s suggested that this tea works well both hot and iced. I can confirm that this is true, although I much prefer it warm. I would buy this tea again, actually I think I will probably repurchase all of these teas at some point.

Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea, Golden Yunnan Tea, Chun-Mee Tea, Guanngxi Tea, Tangerine Slices, Pineapple Chips (Pineapple Palm Oil), Coconut Stripes


Rooibos is another favourite tea of mine, especially when it’s mixed with new and exciting flavours. Eden Bliss Rooibos is filled with elderflowers, strawberry and kiwi bits, mistletoe and much more. When you open up the packed the smell is beautiful. It’s a very summery scent and I quickly detected the fruit notes. I love that all of the teas form The Tea Makers are packed full of big chunky ingredients. Nobody wants a tea made from tea dust. 


This tea is naturally caffeine-free. I try to keep a couple of caffeine-free teas in the house at all times for late night brews and when friends and family visit. You should leave this tea to steep for 5 minutes before serving up hot or iced.


I personally enjoyed drinking this tea hot and without milk although it does taste good as an iced tea. 

Ingredients: green honeybush, green rooibos, apple bits, flavour, mistletoe, orange blossoms, rose blossoms leaves, elderflowers, strawberry bits, kiwi bits.


The last tea in the selection is Rooibos Chai. This is a particularly uplifting tea and one which I’ll be drinking regularly throughout the upcoming winter months.

The Rooibos Chai is a classic blend. It’s wonderfully spicy as it has the addition of ginger, black pepper and fragrant cinnamon. When I opened up the packed it let out a warming and cosy scent. When you drink the tea it’s just as warming and silky as the scent. I drink my Rooibos Chai black but it work just as well with a dash of milk.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Ginger Bits, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Natural Flavours.


Rooibos leaves are derived from the slopes of the Western Cape Mountain in South Africa. I didn’t know that ’til I did my research on The Tea Makers website.

I like that the shop gives you the option to pick your teas based on region. I’ll be making a few repurchases from The Tea Makers in the next month or so and I’m keen to try out the Peppermint tea from Egypt.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite tea is at the moment.