The importance of a rug in your rented home

I’m always talking about the difference a rug can make to a room. They add extra warmth, they can be used as a colour or texture feature but most of all, they make rented accommodation feel homely and comfortable. If you’re not allowed to paint the rooms in your house or flat then a rug is a good way of adding colour and putting your stamp on the place. At the moment I don’t have a rug in the lounge and with new sofas on the way I think it’s time to change that.

It’s very important not to focus on your rented accommodation as a temporary fix. If you do that, you’ll never get ’round to making it feel homely. Even if it is temporary and you’ll be moving again in 6 months I think it’s good invest in a few key items to make your flat/house feel like your home.


Scion Mr Fox Rug | Stockholm Rug | Harlequin Lulu Rug

I’ve had my eye on these 3 rugs for a while. They aren’t classic patterns and colours schemes but that’s why I love them so much. In terms of furniture I really like grey, navy and white so when I get ’round to adding a carpet into the lounge I want it to act as a statement in the room.

I particularly like the Mr Fox rug. If you’ve been into John Lewis over the last couple of years you must have seen the design. It comes in a variety of colours but I really like the auqa and orange, they’re very uplifting. This rug would also work well in a bedroom.

The Ikea rug is super bright and I think it will work very well with grey and navy. The room I’m decorating is naturally quite dark so this would help to brighten it up.

Finally we have the Harlequin Lulu rug which is also from John Lewis. I like the mix of muted colours in this rug and the pattern is fun without being too obnoxious. Again, this would also work well with grey and navy.


Tilt Rug | Almere Rug | Brecan Rug | Dakota Rug

Here are 4 rugs which I’ve stumbled upon recently. The Tilt, Dakota and Almere rugs are from Made. I always feel like I’m getting better quality and something more unique when I shop with Made.

I like the neutral colours of the Tilt rug and I think this would work well in the lounge as well as being able to fit well in a bedroom in the future. I’ve always been a fan of geometric patterns and the blue and grey shades add a calming feel.

The Dakota rug is uplifting and although it’s a loud pattern the soft shades help to tone it down. It’s a lightweight rug that will bring colour and light into a dark room.

The final rug from Made is the Almere. This is a chunky knit rug which is fantastic to look at. The various shades of pink and grey work very well together. This would work well in a lounge but because of the knit texture but I think this is something I’d personally use in a bedroom.

The last rug for today is from Habitat. It’s the Brecan which is a grey wool rug with two yellow accent lines. I believe that yellow works very well throughout the year. In the summer it shines bright like the sun and in the autumn it imitates the fall of the leaves. This is a very safe option to go with as it incorporates a simple pattern and colour scheme to last throughout the year.

How much love do you put into your rented accommodation?