Berry & Rye Liverpool

There aren’t any photos from my visit because the lighting was very low. However, we did make this video. 

On our first evening in Liverpool we walked up and down Berry street in search of Berry & Rye. After passing many noodle shops everything started to blur into one. We were about to give up when Phil spotted a blacked-out building. We looked at the darkened windows, it looked like an old shop that’d closed down years ago with no signage in place and no signs of life. Google maps swore this was the place, although the only clue was a slightly ajar door. At that moment, we knew we were in for a treat. We gingerly pushed aside the door, slipped through the curtain and were met with the most wonderful little bar. We arrived at 5, it was quiet, calm and relaxing, but we soon realised it gets busy quickly. If you arrive after 6 it’s likely that you’ll have to wait outside ’til a table becomes free, they deliberately keep the bar from becoming over-crowded so it’s always quieter and more comfortable than your typical bar.


We were guided to a candlelit table and handed a bible. We took a pew and browsed through the cocktail menu which was hidden away in the middle of the bible. We both started with a classic Old Fashioned and I have to say it’s probably one of the best I’ve had. I particularly enjoyed the huge cubes of ice which kept the drink cool but didn’t dilute it too much. We lost a couple of hours in Berry & Rye that evening and agreed that we’d be back the next day.

If you happen to find yourself in Liverpool then I highly recommend a visit to Berry & Rye. We went every evening that we were in Liverpool, even before we took the late train back to Sheffield. The staff are friendly and always happy to help you pick out the best cocktails.

Berry & Rye is styled as a speakeasy bar from the Prohibition era and as soon as you enter you feel as though you’ve fallen back in time. It’s a table service bar which really adds something special to it. Not only do they serve cocktails but you’ll also find a food menu tucked away behind the candle. We tried the mixed nuts which went down very well, especially the wasabi peanuts. The fresh bread (from the local bakery) with balsamic and olive oil looked fantastic and they also offered a cheese board and a selection of locally made cakes.

Hopefully the video we made will give you a real feel for the Berry & Rye experience.