4 Lu West Prints to Brighten up Your Kitchen


Moka Express | Bananas |  Bigger Boat | Watermelons |

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon Lu West. Luzelle van der Westhuizen is a South African artist based in London. She has created a collection of limited edition prints which I immediately fell in love with. Her images take inspiration from African and Scandinavian design. They’re printed by hand in her Kew Gardens Studio using traditional silkscreen methods.

With all the rain today I decided it was the perfect time to share 4 of my favourite Lu West prints. They’re bold, bright and lots of fun. I’d love to have one of these hanging in my kitchen to brighten up every morning. I simply couldn’t get tired of looking at these beauties. You must check out the Lu West website, the collection is really fantastic and bound to make you smile.

Which is your favourite print from the Lu West collection?