Amphora Aromatics: Orange & Clove


We’re fully into the season of candles and I’m loving it. Although, I can’t quite believe how quickly 2015 has gone by. I think that candles are such a simple yet warming addition to any room in the home. I find that they help me to relax and feel cosy, especially at this time of the year. I recently put together a post with a few more tips of making your home cosy, some of you may find it useful.  

Today I’m sharing a new (to me) brand with you. Have you heard of Amphora Aromatics? Although I’d never heard of them they’ve actually been around for a very long time, since 1984 to be exact.

Amphora Aromatics is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Sundries. The philosophy behind the brand is to focus on creating unique, high quality products with a focus on sustainable sources and natural plant wax. I’ve recently been focusing my attention towards learning about living a sustainable and responsible life so this was particularly interesting to me.


When Amphora Aromatics asked if I’d like to sample one of their candles I did a little research and said a big yes please. I was very happy when the team sent over the Orange & Clove candle, I’m a very big fan of spicy and festive scents.

Orange & Clove is made up of essential oils and 100% natural plant wax from sustainable sources. The candle comes in a sweet little glass pot which means it’s easy to wash out and reuse. The packaging of this candle is simple but classic and the box is covered in pretty flowers. This candle has a very luxury feel to it but is still affordable.


The scent is very subtle but uplifting and warming. It has the perfect balance of sweet citrus and warm spices. I’ve been burning this in my bedroom over the last few weeks. I prefer to keep subtle candles for the bedroom because I never want anything too overpowering burning in there.

I tend to leave the candle burning for a good few hours in the evening. The scent stays subtle but when you leave and enter the room you notice it.

This candle has 20 hours of burning power, pretty mighty for its size (£5.50). You can also buy 40 hour pots (£9.48 for the Orange & Clove). I’ve used this candle every other day and there is still just over half left.



Amphora Aromatics not only sell candles but essential oils, body care, soaps and much more. It’s well worth exploring their website and I know I’ll be using the brand again. I think I’d like to try the cinnamon candle out next.

Let me know if you’ve tried Amphora Aromatics. I’d also like to hear if any of you have thoughts, useful information or blogs on living a sustainable life.