Skincare products for a weekend break


Today I’m going to talk through the skincare products that accompanied me on a recent trip to Berlin. Most of these products have also come along on a few weekends trips to Cambridge and Suffolk so they’ve been well loved.

I travel around a lot so I have a small box where I store mini or sample sized products ready for when I go travelling. I think it’s much easier than carrying full sized products around and I’m not organised enough to transfer products into smaller pots.




Let’s take a look inside my skincare bag (CF = cruelty free):

  • Botanicals Mandarin & Chamomile Moisturiser* CF: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know I’m a big fan on Botanicals. Botanicals aim is to provide a range of personal care products which are as close to nature as possible. This Mandarin & Chamomile moisturiser is a light but hydrating cream which quickly soaks into your skin. There were a few extra cold days towards the end of the Berlin trip and this moisturiser did a wonderful job at keeping my skin hydrated and soft. It has a lovely subtle scent to it and is a pleasure to use every morning.If you’re keen to find out more about Botanicals then check out my review of the Rose & Camellia balm, it’s ideal for this cold weather we’re having.
  • Lavera Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Gel* CF: I always use an eye gel or cream, it’s a very important of my daily routine and that doesn’t change on holiday. This gel cream from Lavera is light and easy to apply around your eyes. I have found this particularly enjoyable to use in the morning as it’s cooling and refreshing as well as having a lovely soothing scent.I use my little finger to apply a small amount of the product just under my eyes with my little finger. It’s important to be very gentle when applying products around your eyes.
  • The White Collection Body Lotion and Shower Gel – I will insert a link as soon as I find one: I used both the body lotion and shower gel when I was away. I actually totally used up the shower gel and popped it in the bin without thinking, which is why it’s missing from the photos. Both products smell delicious and refreshing. They’re a little sweet but not too overpowering.I found that the body lotion was light but hydrating enough for the weather we were having. If we’d been there in colder weather then it’s likely I’d have needed something a little thicker. I also used this lotion on my hands to keep them moisturised at night.The shower gel left my skin feeling soft and clean. I often find that some shower gels can dry out my skin but I didn’t have that problem with this. I will be happy to repurchase both the lotion and shower gel again. Although I think I’d keep the body lotion for the summer months.
  • Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir* CF: I was sent this little treat from the team at Look Fantastic back in September and have really enjoyed using it. I always have at least one oil within my skincare routine. I find they help to hydrate the skin and give an added glow to my skin.This oil contains Viniferine which stimulates the natural production of melanin which helps to prevent the appearance of dark spots and restores radiance. I’m interested to see how this works out long-term. I plan on purchasing a full bottle of this when my current one is used up.This oil is very simple to use. I simply apply about 3 drops onto my hand and then apply gently over my face and neck. I really like the scent of this oil. I still have a lot of the oil left, a little really goes a long way.
  • Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser CF: This cleanser is good for those of us with dry skin. While I was away I’d apply this to my face with my fingers and then wash it off in the shower. The scent of the product is unusual but pleasant enough. I’ve found this cleanser to be hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.Don’t forget to check out my Full review for more information.
  • Mavala Smoothing Foot Scrub Cream: I’ve used quite a few of the Mavala foot care products and they’re always fantastic. I loved this smoothing scrub and I’m going to track it down to buy a full sized product at the end of the month.This scrub contains microparticles of 100% natural seaweed which work away to keep your feet soft and smooth.I simply rub the scrub all over my foot with a cotton pad and work a little harder on any areas of dry skin. I then wash off the product with warm water, dry my feet and put cosy socks on. I find a good foot scrub or cream is essential during a holiday, there’s always so much walking and it’s important to look after your feet.

What are your skincare essentials for a city break?