The Body Shop: Oils Of Life Collection Review


About a month ago The Body Shop sent over 3 products from the Oils Of Life collection for me to try out. I’ve been happily using all 3 products and the results have been fantastic.

The collection is infused with 3 seed oils; Rosehip seed oil from Chile, Camellia seed oil from China and Black cumin seed oil from Egypt. All are known for their revitalising and repairing properties for skin. The seeds are cold-pressed to preserve the properties and are sustainably sourced.

All three of the products having a lovely warming scent, ideal for this time of the year. Overall it’s a very luxurious collection from The Body Shop. I’ve been much happier with my skin since I started using the collection.


The packaging for this collection is very different to the other products I buy from The Body Shop. They come in crisp, white boxes with orange details and then the bottles are a rich gold and burnt orange shade. Very luxurious.


Bi-Phase Essence Lotion

This is a bi-phase oil (oil and water which separate in the bottle) which means you have to give it a good shake before use. This is used after cleansing to prepare and activate your skin before using the facial oil.

I’ve been using this as part of my morning and evening routine and have found it very refreshing. I have dry skin and have found that this is ideal to help my skin keep hydrated and and feeling refreshed.

I simply apply this with a cotton pad to my face and neck, I’ve been using it in place of my usual toner.

Facial Oil

I am a very big fan of facial oils (they can help prevent water loss from the skin) so I was keen to give this a try. With this product 99% of the oils are of natural origin. It’s a very lightweight and silky oil which massages into your skin with ease.

I put 4 drops of the oil into my hand and warm it between my fingers. I then apply it delicately to my face and neck. It’s a pleasure to use and my favourite stage of my skincare routine.

If you only want to treat yourself to one item from the Oils Of Life collection then I suggest starting with this. It’s worked wonders for my dry skin and leaves me with glowing and hydrated skin. 


Gel cream

I was given a choice of trying the cream or gel from the collection. I decided to go for the gel as it’s been a while since I tried anything like it. Normally, due to my dry skin I would go for a thick and heavy cream. However, I’ve had milia around my eyes recently so I thought I’d go for something a little lighter.

The gel cream is light and dream to apply. You only need a little blob and it goes a very long way. It absorbs quickly into the skin and isn’t greasy at all. This gel has treated my dry skin very well and leaves it feeling hydrated and refreshed. I particularly enjoy using the gel in the morning.

As with the oil I warm this up in my hands and then use the tips of my fingers to apply it to my skin. It’s important to avoiding dragging your skin around when applying face cream.

This gel quickly replaced my last face cream and I’m sure I’ll be using it throughout the rest of the winter months. P has also left his usual face cream to one side and has taken a shine to this.


I thought I was taking good care of my skin before I started using this collection. I’ve now noticed a huge improvement since incorporating all 3 products into my routine. They help to keep my skin extra hydrated and leaves it glowing. I’ve even had a lot of compliments on my skin in the last week or so and I honestly believe it’s down these 3 products.

Have you tried anything from the Oils Of Life collection?