The Bake Box Subscription Review



This month a very exciting new subscription box has launched – The Bake Box. Just before Christmas I was lucky to receive a sample box which was filled with Christmas baking goodies. The box was packaged very well and I like that they made the most out of the inside of the box. You’ll notice that you can share your baking with @bakebclublive – this adds another level to the Bake Box. It makes you feel part of a baking community and it’s lots of fun.

The Bake Box lands on your doorstep every other month, giving you enough time to put everything to the test. I personally think this subscription box is very affordable at £14.99 per box. It’s filled with 6-8 bespoke bakeware goodies and a few gels, glitters or dust to help you build your baking kit. There are also be a selection of recipe cards and online videos to help you out and encourage you to learn new skills.

Inside my sample box I found:

    • Silicone chocolate tray
    • Silicone star cake mould
    • Silicone gingerbread house mould
    • Star cookie cutters
    • 2 tubes of ProGel colouring (red and green)
    • 1 tub of Rainbow Dust glitter
    • Recipe sheet for the ginger bread house

As you will see in my vlog I was very pleased with what I discovered inside the box. I think subscription boxes are a lot of fun but this one really stands out as having a long-term use. I have found everything in the box to be very good quality and easy to clean (essential when you do lots of baking).


I went to my parents over Christmas and decided to take my Bake Box with me. I was keen to use the star cake mould first and you can see me putting it into action in Vlogmas Day 24. I went with a recipe from Add A Pinch to create a lovely vanilla cake with a caramelised crust. You must try this recipe, it turned out very well and was delicious.

I was delighted with the cake mould, it was very easy to use and the cake turned out perfectly. I was worried that some of the detail of the star might not show up but it really does. I think this is going to be fun to use every Christmas and it would also be useful for birthday cakes.

Bake Box star


The star cookie cutters have already been handy to have around. I get they feeling they’re going to be used all year ’round. The stars are very easy to store because they all slot into each other and I can keep them neatly in my baking draw.

I used the star shaped cutters over Christmas to make some cheese sables for a dinner party. I was very pleased with how they turned out and the cutters were easy to clean. You can see me making the cheese sables within this vlog.

Bake Box Christmas

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I regularly make dairy free chocolates so as soon as I spotted the tray mould I knew I’d be getting a lot of use out of it. I made a batch of chocolates on New Year’s Eve and the mould performed well. The chocolates were easy to take out of the mould and it was fairly easy to clean too. You can spot me making the chocolates in this vlog.

The only mould I didn’t get ’round to using over Christmas was the gingerbread house. I know, shocking because I’ve never actually made one before. I’m sure I’ll give this a trial run soon so that I know how to use it when Christmas rolls back around. I’ll be sure to report back on this and edit this post.

Bake Box contents

I also haven’t had the chance to use the ProGel colours from Rainbow Dust, but I’ve heard that they’re fantastic and the colours are very strong and can be used to colour cake sponge too. I’ve used Rainbow Dust products before and they’ve always been good. I’ll report back when I’ve had the chance to use them.


The pot of glitter dust from Rainbow Dust makes a lovely addition to cakes and cookies. I’ve used glitters from this brand over the years and they have a very good range of colours. You can use the edible glitter/dust on anything. I like the idea of sparkling this on top of desserts and ice creams to give create an added sparkle.

I don’t think you’ll be able to spot it in the photos but I used the glitter on some madelines I made over the Christmas break. As you can probably tell, I did a lot of baking over Christmas because there were lots of people around.

Overall I am a very big fan of the Bake Box and will sign up for a subscription at some point this year. I need to wait a couple of months because all my spare money is going into my business right now. I also think that these boxes would be ideal as gifts for any keen baker.

What do you think of the bake box? Is it a subscription you’re likely to sign up to?