Sleepy Tuesday Morning


Gosh, I’m so tired.

After a restless night of sleep, or lack of, I woke up feeling even more exhausted than when I went to bed. I spent the night thinking about exciting work projects and trying to plan out videos and blog posts in my head. Is this what I get for having a fantastically productive start to the week? If so, I think I can accept it, I really did get a lot done yesterday. However, I think I’ll have to start keeping a notebook by my bed again, in the hope that I avoid picking up my phone too often. Maybe I’ll invest in an alarm clock so that I don’t need to keep my phone by my bed or even in the bedroom. It’s just too easy to pop onto Twitter and scroll through updates from friends across the pond, pin a few mid-century homes over on Pinterest and within no time at all the blue light makes sure that sleep is not going to happen.

I thought the tiredness would have passed by now (9am). But no, 2 slightly warm slices of rye with homemade jam and a cup of lukewarm coffee later and I’m still ready to drop back into bed. Most annoying, especially as I have a lot to get done before yoga at lunch time.

My mini goal for this week is to close down my computer at 8pm.