Kopparberg Alcohol Free cider



Dry January is coming to an end but why not keep it going through February? A lot of people say they find Dry January hard because of the social side of things. Well, there is really no need to worry about that because Kopparberg have launched an alcohol free cider.

At the start of the week I was kindly sent a couple of bottles of the alcohol free Kopparberg to try out. I normally only drink cider around festival season or maybe once over Christmas if it’s been mulled.

I’d never tried alcohol free cider before and was keen to see if there was much of a difference. Both flavours honestly taste just as fruity and zingy as regular cider. I’ve saved most of the pear cider to turn into mulled cider tonight (I just add the cider and one of these into a pan).

I personally find 1 bottle of Koppaberg way too much for me. I think these bottles are ideal for sharing with a friend on a fun night out.

Have you tried Kopparberg Alcohol Free cider?