Murder On The Posh Floor

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Photo by the Search Laboratory team

A couple of weeks ago I took the train to Leeds to attended my first Murder Mystery event. The day was hosted by the lovely folk from Posh Flooring at the Hilton in Leeds.

I was a little nervous before arriving because I had no idea what to expect. I’d never been to a murder mystery before (although I was involved with an online version with Waterstones) but it’s something I’d always been keen to do. I met up with Kel and Sophie at Leeds train station and we headed off to the event together.

As soon as we arrived I spotted lots of friendly faces I’d met previously and a few I recognised through Twitter. Luckily, we were all wearing name badges which also included our Twitter handles, a must for any event. We were handed glasses of wine and were left to mingle. These events are always a good way of catching up with other bloggers. If you’re new to a city and invited to a blogger event make sure you go, it’s an ideal way for meeting new people and doing something exciting.

It wasn’t long before we were taken through to our tables. Everyone was allocated a seat on one of the 3 beautifully decorated tables. Each table was equipped with pens, wine and for balance, big jugs of water.


We’d only sat down for a few minutes before the door burst open and the victim stumbled into the room.

The game had begun.

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Photo by the Search Laboratory team

He tripped, stumbled and fell quite dramatically right in front of our eyes. Not a bad way to get everyone looking at the floor!

A few moments later Sherlock Holmes ran into the room. He instantly had everyone laughing and quizzed us on what we had seen. He then gave us the low down on how everything would work throughout the meal. He assured us he would be there to help guide us through the murder mystery.


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Photo by the Search Laboratory team

Each table was handed an evidence folder. Inside were a list of suspects, details of the murder and lots of slips of paper which we could use to question, pocket search and finger print the suspects. We started to read through the suspects and discussed our plan of action. Meanwhile, the friendly staff from the Hilton started to bring ’round bowls of roasted butternut squash soup and bread rolls. It was delicious and almost took our attention away from the murder at hand.




We made our way through the paperwork and took a bold decision to send straight off for a finger print test. We were left to examine a glass for finger prints. The glass was dusted down and we quietly made a note of the results. It was important to ensure the other table didn’t catch on to our evidence. We then pocket searched and questioned a few more suspects. The pocket search came up with a red lipstick and a small bottle of gin – but what did this mean?



We were having so much fun that the time was passing by very quickly. We all enjoyed our main meal whilst trying to figure out who had committed the murder. We had a big discussion about each suspect as we tried to narrow down the mystery.



All of a sudden we were presented with dessert. I was treated to a delicious bowl of fresh fruit (because I’m dairy free) and the others had a pretty pink cake. By this point we knew we were running short on time. My table still had a few question cards left so we decided to find out more about a few suspects.

I’m not going to lie, out of the 3 tables my table was the only one to not solve the mystery. However, in our defence, we did question the correct suspect but only at the last minute. Although a few of the team were sure they were onto something there was no time to figure out the motive. So, we were put to shame by the other 2 tables who were on the right tracks.

As I’m sure you can tell, I had no need to worry before this event. It was so much fun, I loved it. I really hope to get the chance to do another murder mystery. The event was planned so well, everything was thought of and I think this is one of the best blogging events I’ve been to.

The lovely chap from Posh Flooring was on my table and he gave us the low down on the brand. I’m a very big fan of supporting small and upcoming businesses and Posh Flooring really go the extra mile to care for their customers. Keep them in mind next time you move, I know I will.

Thank you so much to the Posh Flooring team for arranging such a fun blogging event. The staff at the Hilton in Leeds were friendly and treated us to delicious food. They also ensured my dietary requirements were well catered for. Finally, The Murder Mystery Company were excellent and really made everyone get involved and have such a laugh with the murder mystery. I highly recommend getting in contact with them if you’re planning your own murder mystery event.

Have you ever been to a Murder Mystery meal?