An interview with Frances B on the launch of her new book, Run Away Moments

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My friend Frances has just launched her new eBook, Run Away Moments. It’s a collection of short travel stories covering Fran’s life between the ages of 22 and 25. During those years she went on 2 backpacking adventures and spent 1 year living in Australia.

When Fran told me she was going to be writing an eBook all about her travel adventures I was very excited. She’d told me snippets of her travels whenever we met up and I knew it held a very very dear place in her heart.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Run Away Moments before it launched on Amazon. I enjoy reading real life stories about travel and life, that’s probably why  I like reading blogs. If you’re the same then you’re going to love Run Away Moments.

The way Fran writes is so engaging and her attention to detail really brings each story to life. I was sucked in from the very first story. It was as though I was right there with Fran on her travels. Actually, it was as though I was having a sneaky read of her diary over her shoulder in the hostel.

I found that I could get totally lost in Fran’s book and have even read it through a second time. That’s not normally like me. Once I’ve finished  a book I normally move quickly onto the next. Fran’s stories are filled with so many fine details that I wanted to go back to a few stories and check that they really happened. It was a real pleasure to sit down each evening and spend some time reading Run Away Moments.


1. What drove you to write this eBook?

I love writing and have always wanted to write books, this seemed like a good way to start small. I’d been thinking about writing about my travels for a while and in the end just thought why not and got started.

I’m really glad I did it – the formatting process was surprisingly simple and it’s given me the confidence to continue writing stories.

2. What advice would you give to someone thinking about producing their own eBook?

Get the content written and perfected first. Learning how to format the eBook and list it on Amazon is surprisingly easy and can be done in a day or two, so spend most of your energy writing a good story or how to guide.

3. Do you plan to write more eBooks?

Yes I do. I’m going to start brainstorming ideas in 2016 – I think I’ll keep the personal narrative going by writing about life after travelling. It’ll be a good challenge!

4. Share your favourite quote from Run Away Moments with us.

‘”… there’s an unexplainable stain on the floor and the toilet in the en suite is so close to the door you have to enter sideways – but it’s fine.”
Great memories of Parisian hotels!

I’m very proud of Fran. So many people I’ve met over the last few years have talked about writing a book but they never put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it were. Fran floated the idea and then got writing straight away. She’s put together a fantastic eBook and turned her memories into exciting and engaging stories for everyone to enjoy. I’m already looking forward to her second collection of short stories.

Support Fran and enjoy her stories by purchasing a copy of Run Away Moments now.

You can find Frances over on her blog, Pinterest, Instagram and of course, Twitter.