My goals for 2016


I love the start of a new year. It gives me the chance to reflect on what I’ve achieved in that last year and how I can improve within the year ahead.

I’m very goal driven and enjoy setting myself challenges and targets to hit every year. This year I have picked out 4 words for the year alongside my goals. These words are in the front of my new diary, above my desk and in my phone.

These are the words I’m going to apply to everything I do in 2016.

*Focus * Appreciate * Smile * Learn*

I’m also sharing 12 of my goals with you today:  

  • Read 24 books 
  • Lose 3 stone
  • Learn about living a sustainable life and implement changes where I can
  • Go totally dairy free and document it on my new blog
  • Continue attending weekly yoga and pilates classes
  • Get back into photography and sharing snippets of my day on Prettygreentea
  • Continue to vlog and make videos on a weekly basis
  • Develop my editing skills and take time to learn new techniques
  • Print photos throughout the year and create a scrapbook or Blurb book 
  • Launch 2 products on Llama Social
  • Aim to share at least 24 podcasts on Llama Social Tea Break 
  • Focus on hitting my fun 30 before 30 goals

Finally, work harder. Always work harder.