Wheat and dairy free update: February 2016

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The last time I shared a wheat free updated with you was back in July. Since then I fell on and off the wheat and dairy free tracks. As you can imagine, my hands fluctuated on and off with hives, redness and painful itching. At the start of January I totally cut out dairy. I know that dairy has always been a major factor in my skin, the odd cup of tea won’t do anything but if I use dairy several times throughout a week my skin will flare up. So, the new year started and I switched to milk alternatives and was treated to some dairy free chocolate for Christmas (reviews coming soon).

However, my skin problems did not end there. Throughout January I’ve continued to have sore hands on and off. There are a few things I believe could be causing it so I plan to narrow it down one by one.

From my research, it’s likely to be more than one food product which is causing the skin irritations. So, throughout February I will also also be cutting out wheat alongside dairy. I thought I should probably start documenting this here on the blog because I know I’m not alone with this problem. I’ve seen many people online question why they get itchy palms and hives and they all end up having to do food elimination tests. It seems to be different for each person but it always ends up being food related. So, here I am documenting my attempt at cutting out wheat and dairy throughout the month. I’ll be monitoring this journey on my new Twitter channel,¬†DairyFreeDaisy.

Tonight I’m going to order some of my favourite¬†rice flake porridge to use for my breakfast. It’s quite cold in the mornings so I like to have something warm when I can. I’ll also be having coconut yoghurt with fruit or green smoothies. At the weekend I might treat myself to some smashed avocado on rye, if I’m feeling hipster enough (I usually am).

Do any of you suffer with similar symptoms?