Mountain Lodge Candle Review

Mountain Lodge candle

The lovely team at Yankee Candle have spoilt me with two new candles over the last couple of months. Last month I told you about Yankee Candle’s Fresh Cut Roses. That beauty is still being used on a daily basis in my flat and our neighbours can even smell it in the hallway (I told you the throw was fantastic). I’ve also been burning Mountain Lodge in my bedroom for well over a month now and Phil and I really like it.

The dark red wax against the fresh green pine trees works so well on the jar. My friends all know that one day I want to take a year out to go and live in a log cabin in Canada. This candle makes me think of that goal a lot, especially because it has such a warm and inviting scent.

Mountain Lodge has a deep but crisp masculine scent. I can also detect soft notes of chocolate which gives an ever so slightly sweet kick to it. This candle really does make me think of log cabins and pine trees, the name is a perfect match to the scent.

The throw of Mountain Lodge is much more subtle than last month’s Fresh Cut Roses which is why I burn it in my bedroom. Saying that, I still think it gives off a good scent, within an hour of burning I find that my room is filled with the warming smell of cedarwood and sage.

This is going to be one of those candles that I’ll be burning throughout the year. If you have any questions on the scent then please leave a comment below or drop me a message on Twitter.

What candles are you burning at the moment?