5 key tips for shopping mindfully

We all like to treat ourselves to something new or get a bargain. Last week I shared a few dresses I had my eye on before the Blognix conference. I ended up ordering 3 dresses from ASOS and decided to keep this beauty from For Love and Lemons (outfit post coming next week). It was was reduced from £210 to £63 – I was so happy with this saving. The other 2 dresses were cheaper but the quality was terrible. I decided to go for quality over quantity and I’m very happy with my decision.

Since starting my big clear out I’ve really cut down on what I own and it feels so good. There are a few clothes and shoes I need at the moment. It makes a nice change to need something as opposed to wanting. It means I can make a clear decision on what to add to my wardrobe without buying unnecessary items which may never get worn. I do have a tendency to overwear my clothes but I’m hoping that throughout 2016 I can create a capsule wardrobe with quality items that I can rotate between.

I realise I’ve shared a fair few fashion based posts over the last couple of weeks but it’s because I’ve had a few events to go to. I’m also going to Budapest on the day this post goes live. I’ll be sure to share my new clothes with you on my return. I’m determined to start sharing outfit posts again and taking you on my journey of living mindfully.

Today I’m sharing 5 simple questions I ask myself when shopping mindfully.

  • Do I really need it? I find it useful to make a list of the things I need before I go on a shopping trip or order anything online. This helps me to focus on those specific items and I don’t return with another hat. I have quite the hat collection already and although I wear them a lot I have no need to add to it.
  • Would I pay full price? – This only applies to sales and discounts. If the answer is no then put it down. Don’t buy things for the sake of it. Save your money and invest in something you really want.
  • Does it fit? – When you’re trying to lose weight it’s tempting to buy something for when you’ve lost weight, especially if you think the item will be gone soon. We’ve all seen the last chance section in Topshop. If it doesn’t fit comfortably then put it back. Don’t waste your money. Buy something that makes you feel good now. 
  • What’s my budget? – Always set yourself a budget. Decide how much you want to spend, what you need and don’t go past that. Working towards a budget in any aspect of life helps you to be mindful with the way you spend.
  • Does it make you excited? – If you don’t leave the changing room feeling excited then you probably don’t need it. You will find something better. I know I really like something when I imagine myself wearing it, what I’ll style it with and how fantastic I’ll feel in it. That’s part of the reason that I think having a shopping trip and then going back for your favourite items is best. It stops you from spending too much and you’ll go back for the things you really like and need.things-i-need-budapest

Fjällräven Backpack | Brown and Stone Converse | Navy Tankini Top | H by Hudson Booties 

This collection of items has been put together with my trip to Budapest in mind. This post will be live on the day that I set off for my weekend break. Keep an eye out on Twitter to find out what I decided to treat myself to.

I’m trying to decide between a pair of booties or good old Converse to take with me. I think I’ll end up going for a fresh pair of Converse because they never let me down and are ideal for long walks. However, the booties are H by Hudson and Shopbop have their spring sale on. Now would be a good time to invest in some quality boots. You can check out the full details but basically you just need to be armed with the code: BIGEVENT16 to get up to 25% off your order.

I also need something to swim in at the thermal spa and an easy to carry bag. I’m keen to get a tankini and swim shorts from M&S. I’ve used them over the years and the quality has always been good. Finally, everyone keeps insisting that I need a backpack. I have memories of keeping as far away from backpacks at school. I know they’re very on trend right now and of course, they’re practical. Phil uses his Fjällräven regularly. Maybe it’s time I join then club. Do you use a backpack? Should I make the change? It would mostly be for day trips and gym visits.

Do you shop mindfully or do you prefer to buy all the things? There’s no right or wrong answer to this. We all have different priorities in life.