Udi’s snacks review

Today’s post is for those of you avoiding gluten or dairy. I don’t have a gluten intolerance as such but I do get an awful reaction when I eat certain foods. I’m working out what that is by avoiding wheat this month. I’m not going to lie, it’s very hard to do but changing regular oats for Buckwheat or Rice Flakes has made a big difference so far. However, I’m doing okay and my hands haven’t been as bad as they were in January which is a welcomed change. I haven’t been totally strict, it’s just so hard but I’m pleased to be seeing improvements.

The team at Udi’s Gluten Free offered to help me out by sending some sweet and savoury treats from their new range. A few contained dairy so I let Phil test these out. I did try one or two, my will power has not been on form this month. The major dairy offenders for me are large quantities of milk or cheese.

Udis Milk choc

Milk Choc clusters

Phil and I enjoyed the milk chocolate clusters with raisins in. They’re very moreish and didn’t last long at all. I think these would be ideal to take to the cinema or enjoy while watching few documentaries on Netflix. They have a slight crunch to them and the sweet little raisins add a good texture. These taste just like the cornflake cakes I used to make as a kid.


The caramel ones also went down well but the milk chocolate ones are the winner for me. I tried a couple of the caramel ones but found them a little too sweet. They were also much crunchier than the chocolate and raisin clusters. Phil enjoyed them but missed the texture that the raisins offered from from the first bag. If you’re a fan of caramel then I’m sure you will like these, you can definitely taste the cameral.


We tried the cheese puffs but unfortunately they didn’t agree with my skin. I think deep down I knew they wouldn’t as they contained a lot of milk based products. However, Phil really enjoyed them. They’re very cheesy and each individual bag has a generous amount inside. They melt in you mouth and go down very easily. As with the clusters, you can’t tell that these are gluten free at all.


Chocolate Flavour Sandwich Cookies, I think we all know what these are meant to be. These cookies will satisfy a craving but you can tell they’re gluten free. The biscuit itself has a slight sandy texture to it but the filling is just right. We made our way through the packet pretty quickly and I even crunched some up to use within baking. Although these aren’t my favourite from the Udi’s selection I’d still consider them as a sweet treat once in a while. Udi’s are easy to get hold of (most supermarkets stock the brand) and sometimes you just need a little treat.

Have you tried anything from Udi’s range?