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Prettygreenteaon youtube

Over Christmas I took part in Vlogmas and I loved it. I was hoping to continue vlogging throughout the new year but had to take a step back to focus on my main work and catch up with my blogs. I’m changing the structure of my business and it was important I put 100% into that.

I’m now in a better routine with my work and on track with my business changes. I’m ready and excited to start dedicating time to making videos. I really enjoy learning new film techniques as well as learning to edit. I’m pleased I’ve finally got into editing videos and would like to build and improve upon my skills throughout 2016.

My latest video is about my trip to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in November. I shared a full hotel review post but I’m happy to finally have the video live too. I think it adds something extra to a blog post and of course, it’s fantastic to have the footage to look back on and enjoy. Although the video is not exactly how I hoped I’m still pleased it’s completed and online. Sometimes it’s easy to over worry about the work we do and share on the internet. It’s too easy to give up because it’s not good enough. However, I much prefer to get started, share, learn and develop as I go along.

If you don’t bother to start you’ll keep putting up barriers and never get going. This can be applied to everything.

So, what will you find on my YouTube channel? For now I’m going to focus on vlogs and once I’m back from my trip to Budapest I’ll be sharing foodie reviews, home styling and many other lifestyle based videos. Actually, I’d love to know what you’d like to see so please leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoy my videos and if you do then I would really appreciate it if you would pop over and subscribe to my channel