4 Pretty dresses with sleeves

This weekend I’m going to Blognix, a blogging conference in Northamptonshire and then next week I’m flying out to Budapest for a few days. I’m very exited about both trips but I can’t help but feel like I need a new dress. I’ve mentioned countless times that I’ve been having a huge clear out in my flat and it’s still ongoing. When I say I need a new dress I really do mean it. I’ve ended up with a lot less clothes than I used to own. I’m still working hard at losing weight so I don’t want to buy too many things but one new dress would be very handy. Most of my spare money goes into my businesses or on travel at the moment but I’m ready to spend some of my hard-earned money on myself over the next week or so.

A new dress, a fresh hair cut or simply getting my nails done always makes me feel good. It makes me feel confident and positive and I think that’s very important.

In terms of a new dress, I’m not looking for anything too fancy. Ideally I’d like a comfortable day dress. I want something versatile that will go with lots of the things I already own. I thought I’d share some of my picks today and then get back to you on Friday if I treat myself to anything new.


Tularosa Giles Dress | First and I York Dress | Superga Classic Pumps | Boden Sunglasses | Glamorous Smock Dress | Converse Chuck Taylor Pumps | For Love And Lemons Geneva Dress

After some thought I think I could do with a dress with long or 3 quarter length sleeves. I’m not enjoying wearing cardigans right now, I feel that they’re spoiling my dresses. However, it’s too cold to sit through an event with bare arms. I’ve decided a dress with a bit of a sleeve will be a good compromise. There also seems to be a lot of long sleeved dresses around at the moment, especially shirt dresses. I haven’t found a shirt dress I really like just yet but will let you know if I come across any.

One of the first dresses I found during my very speedy hunt for the weekend was the Tularosa Giles dress from Shopbop. This dress pinches in at the waist which I find very flattering. I like the floral detailing on the dress and see myself wearing this with pumps or boots throughout spring and summer. I also have a red handbag which will go well with it.

Another favourite is the First and I dress from M and M Direct. I’ve never used the site before but my friend Gemma really likes it. They have a very good range of discounted clearance clothing and also work closely with Cancer Trust. I really like smock dresses, they’re always comfortable to wear and this one looks very cosy. Although I’m not sure the colour is what I want for spring it would be very handy for late winter (right now) and early autumn.

Gemma told me that she buys her trainers from M & M Direct so I thought I’d see if they have any pumps in stock. I found these pink Superga trainers for under £10. I’ve owned a few pairs of these over the years and I love how they look but they aren’t comfortable for long walks. I remember Mat from Buckets and Spades warning be about this. I’m very tempted by these but they also have a pair of pink Vans which I know will be very comfortable. Failing that a good pair of white Converse always go down well. Have any of you tried the new Converse Chuck Taylor ii style? They have Nike Lunarlon sole which makes them extra comfy. Phil loves them and I’m keen to give them a go. I particularly like that they’re all white making them perfect for summer dresses and jeans.

I know I don’t need any sunglasses, I have a pair form Dita which I love. However, when I was browsing the dresses over on Boden I found these pink sunglasses. I think they’re a nice shape, not too oversized and of course, I love the pastel pink frame. I doubt I’ll be getting these, or at least not right now, or maybe I will. Oh no, this is getting dangerous.

The final 2 dresses I’ve been eyeing up are from ASOS. One is from a brand called Glamorous and comes in dark navy. It has a bohemian vibe to it but I think it could easily be dressed up or down depending on accessories. I have a few hats which would work very well with this dress. The final dress is from For Love And Lemons and is in the sale, yay. I particularly like the neck detailing on the dress and the colour combination of the print.

That’s everything I’ve got my eye on this week. I’m at home waiting for my order to arrive and will report back on Friday if I decide to keep anything. Which dress would you pick?

Thank you to M and M Direct for sponsoring this post.