Practical Spring Wishlist 2016


Regatta Yellow Jacket | SUCK UK Umbrella | Miu Miu Oval Cat Sunglasses | Longchamp Backpack | Kate Spade iPhone Case | Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit

Last night I was browsing through the Regatta website to see what I could find in the way of waterproof jackets. Spring has arrived and I like to get outside with my camera as much as possible. The only downside to this is the sudden surprise rain we have here in the UK. It was just yesterday that I was walking up to the gym in the sunshine and the next thing I knew tiny little balls of hail were falling from the sky. By the time I got to the gym I was soaked through. Anyway, I stumbled upon this beautiful yellow rain jacket on the Regatta website. I’ve been looking for a yellow rain jacket for some time now and to make things even better this one is in the sale. I think I’m going to have to give it a try, the striped lining is calling my name.

While I was browsing the Regatta site I noticed that they have a fab range of men’s walking boots. P has been looking for an extra pair of shoes or boots to wear when we go out walking. As I mentioned, this is something we do a lot of during the spring time. Converse always treat us both well but if it rains then we end up with wet feet. Regatta have a good selection of quality yet understated boots. P is looking for a pair that aren’t too bulky but still over full comfort and weather protection.

I’m still on the look out for a backpack but the problem I have with them is that they’re always too bulky. I recently spotted someone with a Longchamp backpack and I think that could be just what I need. They fold up neatly to keep in your bag when you’re travelling a long distance and then can be unfolded and used for day trips. I like the idea of using a backpack which looks smart and neat on walking trips throughout spring and summer.

Another essential here in the UK is an umbrella. I do have a couple of lovely ones but I had to share this colour changing one with you. The rain spots start off white but by the time you’re out in the rain they change colour to a beautiful rainbow. I think that they would make a fun and practical gift.

If you own a smartphone you’ll know how important a phone case is. There have been a few occasions where I’ve stopped to take an Instagram and my phone has nearly slipped out of my hand. I’ve never been short of phone cases before but recently I’ve found myself with one broken one and I’ve managed to misplace my favourite Moomin case. This has meant that I’ve gone out on lots of adventures and day trips without a case on my phone. I’ve been more careful with using my phone but I can’t continue to feel nervous when I’m taking snaps on the go. So, in the spirit of spring and summer and with the aim to protect my phone I found this beauty from Kate Spade. It’s covered in ice creams and lollies and is sure to brighten up the day.

Despite sudden bursts of rain and hail we have been getting some sunshine, even if it is a little sporadic. When I found these beauties from Miu Miu I knew they’d be pretty high up on my spring wishlist. I can’t help but fall for pastel colours and these sunglasses do not disappoint. I also like that the shape of the glasses is quite understated. I have a few pairs of large cat-eye sunglasses and I think it’s time to add something a little more practical to my collection.

Finally on my spring wishlist is the Mantrotto Magic Arm Kit. This is something I’ve been wanting to add to my photography kit for a while. I want to enhance my overhead shooting and start getting the exact shots that I’m creating in my head. I think this will be particularly useful when I’m doing food photography.

What’s on your practical spring wishlist?  

Thank you to Regatta for sponsoring this post.