What I wore: Breaking out of a style rut


Over the last year or so I’ve got into the habit of wearing the same few dresses, black tights and Vans/Converse. I think this is partly to do with the fact I’ve been working from home most of the time. Now that we’re well into spring (even though it’s snowing as I type this) things will be changing. I’ll soon be working from a co-working space and I want to ensure I’m mixing up my outfits. I find that making more of an effort with my outfits and finding clothes I feel comfortable in really helps with how confident I feel. I’ve been stuck in a style rut for quite some time now so I want to experiment with colours, textures and new styles.

The team from George at ASDA challenged me to pick something from their collection of work dresses for their #styleYOUniform campaign. The challenge has come along at the perfect time so I picked out a new dress and a couple of items to give me a kick-start in getting out of my style rut.



I picked this Crochet Hem Sundress from the George website. This dress was a new style for me because I usually go for high necks and soft colours. I really like the bright colours in the dress, they break up the black background so the outfit doesn’t feel too dark. As it’s a sundress the material is quite light but I’ve been layering it up with my warm cardigan from Gap (similar style). When the summer comes around I’ll be able to team this with a lighter cardigan or even better, a light denim jacket.

The dress is comfortable to wear and the shape is flattering and easy to style. I wore the dress twice over the weekend, once on Saturday to Blog At The Beach, hosted by Ice Lolly in Leeds. I then wore the same outfit again on Sunday but with my burgundy Vans.



I also picked out this black tote bag which is such a good size. I can fit all my work stuff into it, my laptop and even all my techy gadgets.


My sunglasses are from Dita. I got them last summer and absolutely love the cat eye shape of the frames. These glasses are really good quality too, I’ll be buying from the brand again.


I kept my accessories very simple with this outfit and wore a treble clef necklace from Onetenzeroseven. It reminds me of when I used to play the piano. You can find the necklace on sale in my little shop, Indiecana.


Dress, similar cardigan, boots, handbag, necklace and similar sunglasses Quay Australia – mine are an old style from Dita.




I naturally gravitate towards Vans and Converse but I think I’ve been over-wearing them the last few months. I want to alternate between my shoes throughout the week and aim to look a little smarter. I won’t be ditching the Converse, but I think I’ll start saving them for more casual outfits at the weekend.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing these ankle booties. They’re so comfortable that I’ve worn them almost every day since they arrived. I like that the front of the boot is dipped lower than the sides to prevent them cutting off the leg. They have a slight western vibe to them which I love. They’re such a versatile style that I’m looking forward to wearing them with skirts, jeans and dresses throughout the summer.

How will you be changing up your daily style this season?