4 Handy Tech Gadgets For Your Home


My boyfriend’s a total gadget geek and I love keeping up with new changes in technology. This means we’ve acquired lots of techy home gadgets between us. Smart technology isn’t a necessity but if you’re into tech then I’m sure you’ll know how exciting it can be to adjust your mood lighting and pop on the latest episode of House of Cards straight form your phone.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite tech gadgets that I’m currently using:

Lighting – Since having the ability to control the lightbulbs from my phone I’ve realised just how handy it can be. I hide under the bedcover each morning and turn the lights on from my phone (with the usual one eye half open trick). I then slowly peek out and fully open one eye, then two and then drag myself from the bed, to the kitchen and hit the switch on my beloved Nespresso machine.

I particularly enjoy being able to change the colour of the light bulbs and often like to fall asleep to blue and purple lighting. We use the LUMiLife LED bulb in our bedroom which you can find over on the LED Hut.

Media-player – We use a combination of Slice and Apple TV. I find them very handy for streaming YouTube and Netflix to the television. It’s much easier than carrying my phone around while I’m doing the cleaning. I also use them to listen to podcasts before bed or when I’m Skyping with my parents.

Speakers – I recently shared my discovery of using a real life alarm clock as opposed to the one on my phone. Not only has this stopped me from browsing my phone late at night but I’m also enjoying waking up to lovely soft music through the bluetooth functionality on it. I’m currently using the iHome Clock by my bed. It’s another piece of tech that changes colour so I tend to leave it on a soft pink or blue shade throughout the night. This makes spotting the time in the middle of the night much easier and prevents me from picking up my phone (and consequently burning my eyes).

Phil also has the Microlab speaker set which we use from time to time for music. The quality isn’t the best but it does the job at the moment. We simply pull up Spotify on one of our phones and hit play on the best playlist and the music streams straight through the speakers.

Fan – We also have an old Dyson fan, the new ones are much fancier but as the summer draws closer we’ll be making good use of the one we have. These fans don’t have any blades which means that they’re much quieter and provide a smooth air flow throughout the bedroom. The new ones have the added ability of a sleep timer which is great for setting the fan on a hot summer night and not having it run all night.

Do you have any cool gadgets in your home?

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