Aromi in Cambridge

Aromi Cambridge shop front

Yesterday Phil and I popped into Aromi in Cambridge for a quick coffee and a bite to eat. We’d picked up a new nifty fifty for our cameras and thought we’d have a sneaky coffee before heading back home to work.

I’m a big fan of the independent Sicilian cafe, Aromi. They have 3 shops around Cambridge, all of which are beautifully decorated. This time ’round we ended up in the one on Fitzroy Street (near the Grafton centre). This is the newest of shops, it has a lot more space than the others and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Aromi Cambridge - pizza shop


I always like being able to see the kitchen or work station of a cafe or restaurant. The beautiful fresh pizza’s are made right in the front window of the coffee shop. If you stop to watch then it won’t be long ’til you find yourself walking through the door.

Aromi Cambridge interior

Aromi quote

Beautiful tiles in Aromi

As soon as you step into the shop it’s as though you’ve landed in Italy. Underneath your feet you’ll see unique Mediterranean tiles, there are exposed brick walls and fresh produce hanging from the shelves. The most wonderful smell of coffee floats around the shop.


Coffee Cup Aromi

I went for my usual flat white but I was very tempted by the pistachio latte, maybe next time. The coffee has never let me down in Aromi, it’s one of the best I’ve had. Phil went for a macchiato because he was in need of something a little stronger.

Pizza in Aromi Cambridge

Aromi food Cambridge

Phil also ordered one of Aromi’s famous homemade pizzas. They have a thin, crisp base, plenty of delicious toppings and are very tasty. They also have a wonderful range of cakes, I’m yet to try one but they are very popular. Next time I visit I’ll be sure to try one of the cakes.

Interior lights in Aromi


Flat white Aromi

Every time I’ve visited the coffee shop the staff have been friendly and attentive. Quality customer service is very important to me and Aromi does not disappoint.

If you find yourself in Cambridge be sure to check out Aromi.

Location: 30 Fitzroy Street Cambridge