Skinfix for Eczema and Dry Skin

I’m delighted to finally have the chance to sit down and tell you all about the Canadian skincare company, Skinfix (cruelty free). The brand recently launched in Boots which means it’s very easy to get hold of.

As soon as I tried the products I knew they were going to become firm favourites. I’ve had a tube of the Skinfix Hand Repair cream in my handbag for well over a month and the balm takes top place by the side of my bed. I’m still using both products daily and I’ve even got my mum onto them (she also suffers with very dry skin).


The Skinfix Hand Repair Cream is very thick. It’s free of steroids, fragrance, and soy which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. I do my best to avoid steroids when it comes to eczema so I’m very very happy to have found Skinfix. I alternated between this and the balm when I was away in Budapest and they helped to keep my hands hydrated in the cold weather.

The consistency is a thick white cream. A little goes a long way but if you happen to squeeze too much out of the tube then use it on your arms and elbows. I like to use this hand cream after washing my hands to protect them from getting too try.

This cream is very hydrating and although it’s a thick cream it does soak into your skin quickly. I get very itchy hands from time to time (a reaction to certain foods) and within 5/10 minutes of applying this cream the itching fades away. I can’t explain it, but it seems to do the trick.

The Hand Repair cream is £12.99 from Boots. I’m delighted that the Skinfix products are affordable, especially as they work so well. It can be hard to find a product that works well to treat very dry skin and eczema. Skinfix have won my heart when it comes to hand cream. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my sore hands since I started using it.


The consistency of the Skinfix Eczema Balm reminded me of Neutrogena Norwegian formula. If you have very dry skin or eczema then you’re going to love this stuff. I also think it will be particularly good for the winter months. It was very cold during my trip to Budapest so I used this throughout the day to give my hands an extra hydrating boost.

I use the balm over dry patches of skin on my body and hands each evening. The balm takes a little while to soak into your skin so be ready to put up with greasy hands for a few minutes. The product is easy to massage into your hands and onto any dry patches of skin.

The balm is £11.99 in Boots which I think is very reasonable for a high quality and effective balm.

I recently shared my first favourites video over on YouTube. In the video I mention the two Skinfix creams and you can see the consistency of each one.

I’m still enjoying both creams and I’ll be repurchasing them as soon as they’ve run out. My mum has made good use of the balm and is keen to pick up a tube for herself. We’re both keen to try more from the Skinfix range and will be sure to report back.

Have you tried anything from the Skinfix range?