Relaxing With Teami Blends

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been ending each day with a cup (or tumbler) of the Relax blend from Teami. I’ve been aiming to close my laptop down at 9pm each evening, making a cup of Relax tea and then listening to my current audiobook or watching an episode of Life At The Zoo.

Teami have just launched in the UK but are originally from Florida. They create all-natural teas to aid with sleep, weight loss, boost energy and cleanse or strengthen the immune system. I decided that I would benefit from trying their Relax tea as I often have trouble switching off from work and relaxing.


The Relax blend is such a soothing tea to drink. It’s caffeine free which makes it and ideal to drink before bed. The blend contains; Lavender Flower ,Chamomile, Lemon grass, Orange peel and Valerian Root extract. It was created with the aim of relaxing tight muscles and reducing insomnia.

I find that at the end of each day my mind can often still be racing. I want to keep working, planing and making the most of my time. However, that’s not a very productive way of living. From time to time it’s ok to work late but as I also enjoy waking up early it’s essential to implement a good relaxation and sleep routine. I’ve found that cutting off from work earlier, brewing the Relax blend combined with my Pranamat mat has really helped me to take more time to relax and wind down at the end of each day.

The tea is also said to help if you have an upset stomach. I’ve had some issues with wheat and dairy this week so I’ve been filling up my tumbler and sipping on it throughout the day. It’s helped to settle my stomach throughout the day and it’s meant that I’ve consumed much less caffeine than normal.


The tumbler is very easy to use; pop a teaspoon of leaves into it, fill with water and place the strainer on top. It’s double layered which means it keeps your tea hot but is still comfortable to hold. You can also use it for iced tea but I’ve not had the chance to try this just yet.

At first I didn’t think I would get a lot of use out of the tumbler but it’s actually been very handy. I’ve got into the habit of taking it to bed at the end of the evening so I can relax without the worry of knocking over my cup at night – this has happened more times than I’d like to admit. The tumbler, which is BPA free, is also good to take out and about when you’re on the go. I’ve taken it on my walk to the gym when I’ve had early morning classes which is nice to get a cuppa in before Pilates.

If you fancy giving the Relax tea a try then Teami Blends have kindly created a 10% discount code for you: PGT10I highly rate the Relax blend and will be definitely be stocking up on it when I run out.
This post is in collaboration with Teami Blends.