Pranamat Eco Review


I’ve been looking forward to sharing my review of the Pranamat Eco ever since I first tried it. It’s now been two months since I started using the mat and it’s become a daily habit. I really notice the difference when I haven’t used it, especially when it comes to falling asleep at night.

The Pranamat Eco was very kindly sent for me to try out and I’ve enjoyed using it so much that I’m eager to share my experience and thoughts with you. The mat arrived beautifully packaged in this box. I’ve since used the box to transport the mat with me when I go away at the weekends. Yes, I’m enjoying the benefits that much.


The Pranamat Eco is a therapeutical massage mat, designed to relieve minor muscle aches and pains. There are a lot of different ways to use the mat. There are handy programmes on the website to help you learn the best ways to use the mat. Over the last two months I’ve used it for headaches, stress reduction, falling asleep at night, relieving period pains (so satisfying) and back ache.

I’ve been using it most nights to help with my sleep routine. I honestly believe that on the nights I’ve used the mat I’ve fallen asleep much quicker and had a restful night. I’ve had problems sleeping throughout my life but after 30 -40 minutes on the mat (I tend to read my book or listen to a podcast during that time) I feel relaxed and ready to go to sleep. If I haven’t used the mat for a couple of days I notice a big difference.

I’ve also found it good to use the mat for just 10-20 minutes throughout the day, during an afternoon slump or if I’m finding it hard to get started in the morning. Luckily I work from home most days which means I can easily sit at my desk with my feet on the mat.



The mat is like a bed of nails, but in the form of pretty lotus flowers. It’s sharp, very sharp. At first I couldn’t stand or lay on it with bare skin as it was quite uncomfortable. The first few times I used the mat I always wore socks or pyjamas. I’ve now become used to the mat so I’m able to stand on it for short periods of time with no socks and I can lay on it with ease each evening.

When I first used the mat to help with my sleep I made sure that I had a long enough t-shirt on to avoid having direct contact with the mat. Now that I’m used to using it I don’t worry too much about that. I actually chose to have my lower back directly on the mat during my period as it really helped to relieve my lower back pain.


The mat is all-natural and eco-friendly. The lotus massagers are made from HIPS plastic which is safe to use against your skin and hypoallergenic. To me this is a very important for a mat which has such close and intense contact with your skin. This makes the mat stand out above cheaper alternatives and it comes with a 5 year quality warranty.

The mat is around £85 which is a big investment but if you suffer from problems sleeping, back pain or stress I would highly recommend it. I’m even considering the Prana Pillow (you can grab it as a bundle) to use when I’m travelling, I can’t keep carrying around my mat as it’s quite big. I’ve just checked on the website and you can buy the mat and return it in 30 days if you’re not satisfied. I’m keen for my mum to try my mat out next time I visit Cambridge, I think she’s going to try and pinch it.

If you have any questions at all about the Pranamat ECO then please leave a comment below or drop me a message over on Twitter. I’ll be more than happy to chat to you about the mat and my experiences with it.