5 Simple Spring styling tips for your living room

Since the start of the year I’ve been talking about my journey towards living a clutter-free life. I’m in the process of minimising what I own, focusing on buying quality items and finding the best process and storage solutions. I have a very long way to go but it’s a journey I want to document here on Prettygreentea.

Today’s post is not so much about how to de-clutter your living room but focused more towards simple tips and ideas for how to style your living room. The team at House Network kindly send over a box of goodies to help give my living room a new look for spring. They want everyone to know how easy and affordable it can be to change up the appearance of your home.

I’ve decided to focus on the living room for this post because it’s where I spend a lot of time in the evening. I’ve also taken a lot of books, CDs and magazines to the charity shop so it needs a little refresh. The living room is where I take time to relax with a book (while sitting on my Pranamator watch the latest documentaries and TV shows. I’m currently watching The Secret Life of the Zoo. It’s a very interesting documentary series about Chester zoo and if you haven’t had chance to watch it then do try to find the time.



Before implementing any style changes to your living room I suggest going through your stuff. The less stuff you have the easier it is to organise, tidy and clean. Once you’ve had a spring clean you can focus on making the space comfortable and relaxing.

I totally understand that some people like clutter, organised clutter even. They like to have memories and treasures dotted around their home and that makes them feel happy and cosy. That’s fine, this above step is not essential. Remember, there are no rules, this is just something that worked for me and if you’re also in the market to fill up charity shop bags and clear some space then I encourage you to do it.


Here are my 5 styling tips for giving your living room a fresh look:

  • Storage: Although Spring is finally here the weather in the UK is still quite cold. This means I won’t be putting away my throws and blankets any time soon but I have been using them less. I’ve started to store my blankets in these neat storage boxes to hide them away when they’re not in use. I also like to keep any unused wires, computer game controllers and magazines in these boxes. I still like to have these things to hand but as they’re used less often it’s nice to hide them away. If you’re not keen on storage boxes you could use a wire basket to store your throws. I think these add a stylish touch to the room but I wouldn’t use them for wires and controllers, they can end up looking messy. 
  • Candles: I like to use candles throughout the year. I like fresh scents like fig in spring but florals also work very well. I recently shared a post about my favourite Yankee Candle, Fresh Cut Roses – it’s ideal for this time of the year. It’s not only important to think about the scents you pick but also go for a wax or jar that can act as a feature in the room.
  • Flowers: I adore flowers and more recently, plants in the home. At this time of the year I’d suggest treating yourself to daffodils as often as possible. They’re very affordable at just £1 and will bring a fresh and bright splash of yellow into your living room. I know that some people don’t like to spend their money on fresh flowers so why not try fake flowers? When they’re styled simply they can really stand out.
  • Coffee Table Books: I’m not going for the minimalist look in my living room, not yet anyway. I like to have a few coffee table books on hand as daily inspiration. My books all live on one shelf at the moment but every week I have a change with the ones that take prime place on my coffee table. I switch between photography and illustrated books to cookery and baking books. I like to plan out my meals at the start of each week so being able to browse recipes in the evening is always handy. It’s important to avoid having too many books or magazines on display. It’s very easy to start making the room look cluttered and messy.
  • Cushions: I like to change up my cushions throughout the seasons. It’s practical if you can invest in a standard cushion size and shape which you can then buy various different covers for (or even make your own). The old cushion covers can then be stored away ’til it’s their time to shine again. At the moment I have my eye on these beautiful cushions from Orla Kiely and Mr.Fox from Scion. I don’t have any cushions in these sizes or shape but once my new sofa arrives I’ll be able to invest in some new cushions.

I hope you find my tips useful and easy to implement. You can take these ideas and make them as affordable or as luxurious as you like to fit your budget.

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