Cambridge Blossom – my life

Beautiful blossom in Cambridge

Pink Blossom tree in cambridge

Wrapped up warm exploring the city.

Blossom tree

Prettygreentea Cambridge

Taking a closer look at the beautiful blossom.

Cambridge blossom

Blossom in Cambridge

Me in Cambridge

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be catching the train back to Sheffield. I’ve had a lovely and productive week here in Cambridge and luckily I’ll be back in the city in May. There are lots of blossom trees around the city right now and they make everything look so beautiful. I hope you enjoy the snaps I took before the Cambridge Gin Festival (more on that soon). There’s always something to do here and I love being able to pop into London in just under an hour.

I went into London yesterday and jumped on a tube to Green Park to meet up with a good friend for breakfast. We were so busy catching up that I totally forgot to take note of where we had breakfast. I didn’t even check-in on Foursquare and that’s something I rarely forget to do. It was good though, so if I remember the name of the café I’ll let you know.

I then met up with my mum to pick up some Nespresso capsules and stock up on dairy free goodies from Whole Foods. We also visited Minamoto Kitchoan where they sell Japanese style sweets and tea. The shop has a very relaxed and calming atmosphere which is a wonderful escape in the centre of busy London.

What did you do this weekend?

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