I’m going to Crete



Next week I’m going on holiday, a much needed one. As always, I’ll still be working but from a new and exciting location with the addition of a few days off. I’m very excited.

We’re flying out to Crete on Tuesday, Elounda to be more specific. Have any of you been before? I keep hearing very good things about it. I’ve been to Athens and Lesbos before, that’s where the photos from this post are from. I’ve never been to Crete though, it will be making its way onto my 30 before 30 list. The reason we’re going to Elounda is for our friends wedding. That’s a pretty good excuse to book a holiday, right? I’m really looking forward to the wedding, the location looks beautiful.

We’re used to booking city breaks, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a real summer holiday. I think my last one was to Italy with my family a couple of years ago (we need another family trip soon). P and I haven’t had a holiday like this together so we weren’t sure where to start when it came to planning the trip. We’ve both been very busy with work so it took us a few weeks to finally get it all booked.


We spent ages trying to decide between a hotel or apartment (Owners Direct have some gorgeous places in Elounda) and in the end we went for a hotel. We wanted something super easy this time, no hassle, all organised and with little for us to think about. I know, that’s very lazy of us. But, we needed everything to be booked in time for the wedding so we decided to take the easy route. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot evenings spent browsing reviews on blogs and Tripadvisor to ensure we got something to suit us. I think, or at least I hope we’ve picked well. I’ll be reporting back on Twitter and Instagram as soon as we arrive.

With all my research I’ve decided that we need to aim to get away for a summer break once a year. As much as I love city breaks I think it’s important to get some sunshine and real time to relax. City breaks are all go and because I usually work during my travels it means there’s little time to fully rest and rejuvenate. So, I think more summer seaside holidays are the way forward. I’ve spent the last hour browsing Owners Direct and I think that booking a villa with a few friends (I’m looking at you guys TWFX) would be ideal. They offer more flexibility and privacy and they have properties all over the world. Croatia, Australia and America are on our bucket list.

But first, Crete. Make sure you’re following me over on Snapchat for daily travel updates – PGTDAISY.

Do you prefer to stay in a hotel, apartment or villa when you go away? 

In collaboration with Owners Direct.